World Series 2008: The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies Will Walk Together Forever

C KSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2008

When the dust settles in the city of Brotherly Love, there will be destruction, amazement, and memories.

The destruction can be fixed and everything can be rebuilt.

The amazement will soon cool down and people will move on.

But the memories will last forever.

Memories filled with joy, joy, joy, and joy. All of those 25 years of losing is gone, all gone. That doesn't matter anymore. The only thing that matters now is a Phillies World Series.

The city will go crazy tonight, and many folks will make the stupidest decisions of their lives, but that won't stop me or most fans from doing as much as they can to celebrate.

I spent my night cut off from the outside world, but I'm fine with that. I would have loved to be down there; I would have loved to have been with at least one other person; I would have loved to be with everybody. But I wasn't. I was by myself. I was locked inside my room, watching the game in my space. It was my own little time to watch my team win the first championship of my life.

At 8:00, I went onto the computer and watched some old Philadelphia videos, and they made me want to win that much more.

When game-time rolled around, I couldn't sit still. In fact, all I did was stand. I stood for three hours. I paced and jumped and yelled and screamed.

When Brad Lidge struck out that final batter, I turned away, jumped in the air, and simply went bonkers.

I clapped my hands for five minutes and jumped around, banging my desk, my chair, anything I could find.

I was a bit upset that it didn't feel totally amazing because I was alone, but now I don't care. THE PHILLIES WON THE WORLD SERIES!

All of my excitement was just excitement until Charlie Manuel made his speech to the fans. When Charlie Manuel screamed as loud as he could and smiled larger than I had ever seen him smile, then I knew we had won. Then Charlie screamed "Who's the World Champions? We are!"

I smiled, and clapped my hands like crazy again. It had hit me: The Phillies were World Champions.

Go crazy Philadelphia! This is our time! We've waited 25 years for this, so let's celebrate better than anyone's ever celebrated. Tonight is our night. It's our turn.

We won it all, we are World Champions.

The 2008 Philadelphia Phillies and the city of Philadelphia will walk together forever.