Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers; Week Eight

David ArreolaSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2008

Welcome to the eighth edition of "Brett Favre Vs. Aaron Rodgers"

Last week was another win for Rodgers as he tied up the score with Favre. Despite less-than-stellar stats, Favre's poor performance was enough for Rodgers to get the win.

Enough small talk, lets get moving.

Week Eight

New York Jets        28
Kansas City Chiefs  24

Brett Favre: 28-40 290yds, 2 TDs 3 INTs

The Good: I have noticed a trend in Brett Favre's play this year. He always has fantastic opening drives, usually with six or seven completions for 70 yards or so. He opened well this week, too, until he faltered late into the first quarter. He was accurate for the most part, sans his interceptions.

If there is one thing Brett Favre will never lose, it is his ability to make the necessary plays. Chalk up another game-winning drive for Brett Favre. The man's guts are undeniable in the clutch.

The Bad: Three interceptions. Could have been four, should have been three. Favre threw two "2005 interceptions." I call them 2005 Interceptions because they remind me of that dismal year where Favre threw into double coverage en route to 29 interceptions.

Derrick Johnson dropped a pick six that most certainly would have ended the game. The third interception was clearly Chansi Stucky's fault. Stucky quit on his route not even midway through the play. There was no way Brandon Flowers couldn't pick it.

This week Aaron Rodgers and the Packers had a bye.

The Pick
Brett Favre
gets his default win this week.

His performance wasn't as bad as the numbers suggest. He was accurate throughout the game except for his interceptions. The last two games Brett Favre has taken shots that would knock out lesser men. Yet he stands and still throws game winning touchdown passes. Can anything shake this man?

After the bye weeks we have a tie score at 4-4. With nine games remaining we are guaranteed a winner at the end of the season.


Final Thoughts
If I were Eric Mangini, I would have a long talk with my quarterback about making bad decisions. You have the arm, we know this. Don't show the defensive backs the mistakes you are capable of making.

I have no problem when Brett Favre has to win games for his team. It's when he thinks he has to win the game for his team. That is when 2005 Brett Favre comes out. Dear Jets, Brett Favre won four games in 2005. I would be extremely worried if I were a Jets fan.


This week each quarterback gets a true test. Rodgers' Packers will face the undefeated Tennessee Titans. While Brett Favre's Jets will host division leader Buffalo.