Worst National Anthem Performances of All Time

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The worst national anthem renditions. Oh say, can you see, which celebrity or performer butchered the song, and who was on the biggest stage?

Many have called "The Star-Spangled Banner" one of the toughest pieces of work to perform. It probably is, based on the length, solitude of the performer and the fact that it’s often on a big stage with an enormous spotlight.

Then again, it’s not like the words change, and people are expecting too much. Just get the words right, stick to the relatively basic rigid script and don’t try to add "too" much of your own flavor.

Roseanne set the...wait for it...Barr really low when she infamously tried her hand at the anthem, and while she’s still the gold standard on what not to do, many others have joined her in the "way not to do it" Hall of Fame.

Bleacher Report Productions takes a look at some of the most memorable performances of the national anthem, each unique in its own way—and by unique, we mean not that great. Which do you think needs to go higher, and who did we forget? Good thing Carl Lewis had a day job.

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