Live Blogging the Continuation of Game Five of the World Series

Claire ReclosadoSenior Analyst IFebruary 16, 2017

Game Five will end today. The thoughts are racing through my mind and, in order to keep me sane, all those thought will be recorded (all times are PM).


5:41 – I’m nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach. Geoff Jenkins is up.

5:42 – Jenkins hits a double to center field. I erupt in a silent cheer that only my dogs hear. My dogs start barking. Jenkins' enthusiasm makes me even happier.

5:42 – Jimmy Rollins lays down a perfect bunt. Jenkins to third.

5:46 – Jayson Werth hits a fly ball to shallow center. Iwamura drops the ball; Jenkins scores. I’m cheering out loud now. I love the passion that the Phillies are showing. Pitching change: Grant Balfour out, J.P. Howell in.

5:48 – I’m so over the DirectTV commercials. Enough of the pool, thanks.

5:53 – Utley strikes out. The postseason hosted a huge amount of strikeouts by Utley, hasn’t it?

5:54 – Werth steals second.

5:55 – Ryan Howard pops out. Ugh. Three out.

5:59 – Ryan Madson strikes Dioner Navarro. Is it just me, or does Madson get better looking after ever pitch?

6:00 – Rocco Baldelli hit a home run. Score is tied 3-3. Madson is no longer in the hottie category. Cole Hamels will not get the decision.

6:03 – Madson out, J.C. Romero in. Runner on second, two out.

6:07 – Akinori Iwamura hit a ground ball, Utley get it, fakes to first, throws home. Jason Bartlett out at home. End of the top of the seventh.

6:10 – Pat Burrell up. C’mon, Pat, do something!

6:11 – Thank you, Pat! First hit for Burrell, a stand up double. I thought it was a home run, damn wind.

6:12 – Eric Bruntlett in to run for Burrell. Wow, that beard is really thick. Lumberjack status!

6:18 – Shane Victorino hit a grounder to Iwamura, Bruntlett advances.

6:20 – Pedro Feliz hits a single up the middle, Bruntlett scores. I’m clapping my hands, but don’t look as cool doing it as Feliz does as he runs toward first base.

6:22 – Iwamura steals a hit away from Carlos Ruiz. Wow, that was a good play. Props to Aki.

6:23 – Romero grounds out. End of the seventh. Phils up 4-3. I can’t believe there’s only 12, maybe nine, more outs.

6:25 – Taco Bell commercial. It sucks to be on a diet.

6:26 – Wow, Carl Crawford looks like he’s about to go skiing.

6:29 – Crawford hits a single. Keys of the game include “Feliz is happy.” How uncreative.

6:29 – B.J. Upton hits into a double play—Rollins-Utley-Howard. Great combo.

6:31 – Carlos Pena at the plate. Is Romero nervous or cold? His breathing is a little out of the ordinary.

6:32 – Pena flies out. Commentators remind audience the Phils are three defensive outs away from a championship. The butterflies in my stomach flutter a little quicker.

6:37 – Rollins flies out. Fox shows highlights of the last Phillies championship. Good gosh, please don’t jinx the boys!

6:39 – Werth strikes out. Are they trying to hurry up get this championship? Add on some runs, Phils!

6:39 – Great, Fox, talk about the curse. Great.

6:41 – David Price walks Utley. Two out.

6:43 – Utley steals second.

6:45 – Howard strikes out. Enter Brad Lidge. Oooh, Brad Lidge.

6:47 – The movie is called “Zach and Miri”? What happened to “Zach and Miri Make a Porno”?

6:48 – Top of the ninth. Oh my gosh. Strike one called on Longoria.

6:50 – Longoria out. One out. I hate, but love this feeling!

6:51 – Looks like there’s a ninja in the Tampa Bay dugout. Who’s the guy with his whole face covered? C’mon! Man up! It’s the World Series!

6:52 – Navarro hits a single to right. Ben Zobrist up to pinch hit.

6:54 – Fernando Perez steals second. Ugh.

6:55 – Zobrist lines out to Werth. Two out. Images of Rosie O’Donnell yelling “One more!” to the Rockford Peaches fill my head.

6:57 – Two ninjas spotted in the Tampa Bay dugout.


Wooooo! Phillies!


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