WWE: Scripted or Real: Why CM Punk's Rant Was Gripping and Astonishing

Dan KendallContributor IIIJune 28, 2011

I won't bother re-capping the whole speech because I'm sure you've seen it by now, but this article is going to explain why CM Punk's work/shoot goes down in the must-see archives of WWE and professional wrestling history.

I, like millions of other wrestling fans, was listening and watching as Monday Night Raw closed with jaws dropped to the floor. As CM Punk's microphone was cut off, wrestling fans all over the world rushed to their computers, laptops, iPhone's and started the debate and discussion as to whether this was a work or a shoot.

Personally, I have no idea as of yet, and CM Punk's "suspension" has not aided in me in reaching a decision, but one thing is for sure: the Raw ratings will go up next week.

So what made this so gripping, astonishing and jaw dropping? It's simple; CM Punk bashed WWE to the ground, as he had a five minute-plus rant on all what has been bubbling up inside of him during his time with the company.

Scripted or real, we can be sure that a lot of what Punk said is certainly reflect his true feelings.

If it's real, then boy is Punk courageous and daring.

If you thought the start was a little edgy calling John Cena a "Vince McMahon ass kisser," then preceding to call (TNA name drop) Hulk Hogan and "Dwayne" ass kissers this was only just the beginning.

It went against everything in the book.

For starters, he "broke the fourth wall" by referring to The Rock as "Dwayne." Controversial but not quite "Oh my God" territory as of yet.

He then emphasised the word "wrestler," saying that he was the best wrestler in the world. Punk knows fully well that WWE doesn't associate itself as a wrestling company anymore; again this is controversial but still not newsworthy.

But what follows has millions glued to the television.

He then went on to name drop Paul Heyman, a guy who has always had rocky relationships with Vince McMahon, and then he mentioned Brock Lesnar as a fellow 'Paul Heyman guy'.

He bashed the USA network, which, if this is real, I'm sure their bosses won't be all too pleased about.

Next he expressed his disgust at Dwayne being in the main event of Wrestlemania. Now this I can agree with. If you're a superstar backstage and you know that your chances of main eventing Wrestlemania are gone the night after the previous Wrestlemania, you're going to be pretty cheesed off! A lot of superstars' goal for the next year is gone because of a "sell out" returning to his hometown to wrestle one more match.

He insulted the fans, which, work or shoot, didn't take anyone by surprise.

To add fuel to the fire, he mentioned rival promotions, New Japan Pro Wrestling and his previous employers, Ring of Honor!

He goes on and trashes John Laurinaitis, and then hopes that the company is better after Vince is dead!

The fact that he said that, and then criticised Stephanie McMahon and her "doofus" husband Triple H and about to criticise Vince's anti bullying campaign (before being cut off) is quite outrageous and unimaginable.

But it happened.

If this is in fact real, then CM Punk has left WWE with a bang, like he promised on Twitter. He has managed to publicly criticise and bash WWE in front of millions on live television on WWE's own broadcast show.

Again, if real, it's likely that many fans will follow his next move and cast a different opinion on WWE and how it treats some of its employees.

On the other hand, if this is scripted and the whole thing was a work, say Punk was given license to say what he wants, then this is a piece of creative genius.

If so, then the WWE has achieved its goal of gaining interest in its product because just look at any Pro Wrestling website right now! WWE will achieve a ratings hike just when they need it and garner interest and generate PPV buys which are currently slumping to desperate lows.

They're also doing the perfect thing by getting to believe it's real to everyone by removing Punk's profile from the website and not showing any highlight packages of his rant.

Regardless, the ending to this week's Raw was one of the most astonishing and gripping moments in wrestling television history. Every word was digested by every viewer.

This next week, I will not be reading any spoilers and will be tuning in more keenly than ever before.

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