I'm On The Radio And Change Your Bookmarks

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I'm On The Radio And Change Your Bookmarks
Tonight, I'll be a guest on 610 Sports' Baseball This Week with Greg Schaum at 8 PM.  For those of you who listened to Greg's work on the post game radio shows this summer, you know he's a baseball junkie who loves the Royals.  We're going to review what happened in the AL Central this year and look at some of the trade rumors already on the Hot Stove.  And we'll also have Dennis Leonard on in the second half of the show. 

I've been drinking hot tea with honey and doing various vocal exercises in preparation.  It should be a fun hour of baseball talk, so tune it if you can. 

OK, I've had a few days to sift through some emails and kick the tires on this new site and one thing where there is nearly unanimous feeling is that we don't like the new front page that culls articles from other authors at MVN.  The new system is in place to aggregate anything that is tagged "Kansas City Royals" because the feeling is, you're here because your a fan of the team and because you're a fan, you want to read everything about the Royals. 

But it turns out, fans want to read about their teams only when the writers know what they are talking about. 

Over the last four years, Clark and I have (hopefully) developed a rapport with our readers.  They know that every weekday, they can head to this site and read a little, maybe learn something new and hopefully add their two cents in the comments.  This site has become a routine and when you visit and suddenly find articles from guys who follow the Cubs and Indians, it can be a little disconcerting. 

I'm not happy about it either.  I don't think it serves the site. 

So if you're interested in reading about the Royals from the perspective of a Royals fan, change your bookmarks.  If you go to www.royalsauthority.com, you will get Royals Authority in the old format... Just Clark and I and our ramblings with nothing else to click to "read more."  This is not meant to be a knock on the other writers at MVN - there is a bunch of quality spread thoughout the network.  This is just meant to be an option to filter what appeals to you as a reader.   

Another thing I'd like to address is the comments.  Our volume is down and that disturbs me.  I know there were some issues last week and I have been assured everything has been taken care of.  I hope those of you who haven't left a comment in a while can return, and I invite those of you who are readers only to jump in and join the comments.  In my opinion, the insight and thoughtfulness that can be found in the comments section is what makes Royals Authority such a great site. 

And if you have any problems posting a comment, or a concern of any kind about the site, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email:  cbrown at mvn.com.

And don't forget:  8 PM tonight... 610 Sports... Baseball This Week

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