Super Blooper: What's in Store for '08?

Bennett KaplanCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2008

With Super Bowl XLII coming our way, I’d like to recap some of the crazy Super Bowls of past years.  

Lets begin with last year. 


Bears vs. Colts: match up of two incredibly talented teams. The kickoff is fielded by who else but the "Windy City Flyer" himself, Devin Hester. And what happens when you kick the ball to him?  

Oh yeah, he takes it to the house for a quick 6.  

Okay. The Bears have the momentum, right? Well, the game continues on and Rex Grossman proceeds to fumble—multiple times. 


The Colts go on to win.

And of course, no one will forget the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2005. They won the second wild card spot in the AFC and went on to play the Cincinnati Bengals. 


In the first quarter of this game, Carson Palmer is taken out after a late hit from Steelers' Kimo-Vonolhoeffen.

The Steelers win and advance to the AFC championships to face the Colts. Late in the game, Jerome Bettis fumbles the ball in the end zone. The ball is picked up by an Indy player and taken down the field.

The football gods must have been on the Steelers side that night.


Ben Rothlesberger was sprawled out low and grabbed the foot of the fumble-returning Colt, sending him to the ground.  

They went on to the Super Bowl facing a Seattle team that was more than stacked on offense with players such as Shaun Alexander and Matt Hassleback. 


But the Steelers prevailed. 


They used one of their devious gadget plays in which Rothlesberger took the snap, rolled right, then fired across the field to Antwan-Randell-El, who then fired a pass deep to Hines Ward in the end zone.

The past two Super Bowl have been wild and crazy. What will this year bring?