University of Washington Football Coaching Vacancy: The Nick Saban Theory

Christopher WilliamsCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

The University of Washington is now in the market for a head football coach and it will be interesting to see whom it will attempt to hire. If I had to put money on it, I bet Washington president Mark Emmert will look to a guy he is familiar with.

In 1999, Emmert became chancellor of LSU; in 2000, Nick Saban became the head football coach at LSU. Emmert was hired in June, 2004 by the University of Washington; Nick Saban’s last year at LSU was after the 2004 season. Did Nick Saban leave LSU because Mark Emmert left? I have no idea, but there is speculation.

The University of Washington hired Ty Willingham in 2005, and, as of this week, he will not be returning next year as the head coach of the University of Washington.

This is Saban’s second year in Alabama and he is already having success. It would be hard to believe he would leave Alabama after only two years, but he only coached the Miami Dolphins two years before accepting the Alabama job. Even if Saban wanted to take the job at Washington, it would take a lot of money to buy him out of his contract, but if there is anyone who would be willing to spend money on a head football coach, it would be Emmert.

Do I think Saban will be coaching at Washington next year? No, but this is something to think about. He is not the most loyal coach, and I know Alabama fans will bash me for this article, but it is something to look at.