Should Omar Minaya Plan for a Holliday?

Mike SullivanContributor IOctober 29, 2008

Is Omar planning a Holliday? Well, Met fans should hope so! Matt Holliday in Citi Field next year would help to make the Metropolitan fans get comfy in the new seats. While the cross-town team looks to open the bank on multiple players at the top of the free-agent market, Omar needs to fix holes and not plug them.

Since the Mets said goodbye to Cliff Floyd and tried to find the fountain of youth with Moises Alou, they have failed to make the playoffs. Cliff, although not a monster with the stats, still proved to be a dangerous bat in the middle of the lineup. Holliday would fix that hole.

The kid Murphy is great, and I hope we can keep him, but they need a proven player in left field right now. Murphy may turn out to be the replacement for Delgado in the future, but Omar cannot watch Matt Holliday go to another team. They need to get a true outfielder to play out there. Experiments and high hopes don't get it done.

Matt Holliday, two horse pitchers that will eat up innings at the back of the rotation, and a bullpen that can pitch to more than one batter is the solid way to get back to the playoffs.

The lineup with Holliday in the middle of the order looks better every time I think about it. While I am at it, I can  envision Orlando Hudson's name replacing Castillo, but that is a story saved for another day.