WWE: Money in the Bank 2011 Predictions

Richard CianciosoContributor IIIJune 27, 2011

With the Miz's WWE title reign still fresh in all of our minds, we cannot help but wonder what the WWE has in store for in this year's installment of the Money in the Bank pay-per-view.

So far we have four important matches announced for this year's PPV event:  John Cena vs. CM Punk for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship, the Raw MITB match, and the Smackdown MITB match.

In this article I will give my predictions on whom I think will win the two title matches as well as the two MITB matches. I will also give my opinion on what direction I would go in if I were booking the event myself. 

Now, onto the fun!


RAW Money in the Bank winner: John Morrison

Morrison has been out of action for just over a month after undergoing neck surgery. 

The only time we have seen him recently was the three-hour Monday Night Raw that was hosted by Stone Cold Steve Austin. The WWE did not want us to forget Morrison was around even though he could not fight yet, so they had R Truth attack him before his match that night.

J-Mo was in a heated feud with R Truth before he got injured and looked on his way to being in the championship picture. Now, the MITB PPV gives the WWE the perfect opportunity to get him back into contention.

Here is the perfect scenario for this to play out:

R Truth is on his way to grabbing the briefcase—he has it in his grasp.  As he is trying to grab it, he is unable to unhook it.  As he is struggling to get the briefcase off the hook Morrison, flies onto the ladder in one of his Spiderman moves, grabs the briefcase, and unhooks it right from R Truth's grasp.

This would further the character that R Truth has been trying to play by allowing Truth saying that there is still some conspiracy against him and that is why the briefcase would not unhook. 

This would not bury R Truth's character, and it would allow John Morrison to move on to the main event.

The WWE sees how much the crowd is getting behind Morrison, and I believe that he will walk out of this match holding the briefcase.


SMACKDOWN Money in the Bank Winner:  Cody Rhodes

While it might seem as though someone like Sheamus would be an odds-on favorite to win the MITB match, I am going with a guy whose star is on the biggest rise. 

Ever since Rey Mysterio "injured" Cody Rhodes, the latter has been a crusade to rid the WWE of ugly people. He has become excellent on the mic, and his gimmick is really getting over with the crowd.

A perfect scenario for this match would be for Rhode's "protege" Ted Dibiase to be in the match with him. They would work together to take the other Smackdown superstars out of commission.  At one point Cody, would be knocked out by one of the other participants and Dibiase would then lay that person out with the ladder.

Ted would see no one standing, his opportunity right before his eyes.  He would then set up the ladder and start to climb. 

Cody would awaken and see his protege almost have the briefcase.  Cody would then climb up the other side of the ladder, knock Dibiase off, and claim the briefcase.

Cody would be celebrating at the top of the ladder when Ted gets up, irate and yelling at Rhodes.  Rhodes would then climb down and yell at Dibiase for not being in his rightful place and letting him win.  Dibiase would be screaming at Rhodes that he deserves a shot just as much as anyone. 

Cody would then instruct Ted to put a paper bag over his head—Ted would refuse and knock out Rhodes with the briefcase that he had just won. 

Ted would proceed to then put a paper bag over his head and the crowd will cheer for this. Cody would be propelled into the main-event scene with the briefcase, and Ted's character would be revitalized with a face turn and potential feud with Cody.


World Heavyweight Championship Match: Winner is Christian

It is a breath of fresh air to see a feud between two wrestlers last more then a month and one PPV match. These guys have been feuding ever since Christian lost the title to Randy Orton just five days after he won it in a very emotional match with Alberto Del Rio in Extreme Rules.

Christian's gimmick now is that he was screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship after winning it for the first time in his nearly 17-year career. 

He has been given numerous opportunities since then to win it back, and each time he has failed.  He continues to state that he deserves another shot due to some circumstance that has happened.  This could very well be his last shot at the title, and he and the fans know it.

No matter what, these superstars will put on an exciting match that could very well steal the show. That will be hard to do, though, with two MITB matches on the card.

How I would have this match go about is that I would have Orton be knocked out somehow by Christian using the World Heavyweight Championship belt. 

The referee would not see this, and Christian would pin Orton and be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion.  Christian would be celebrating his title win in the ring and yelling at the crowd that he doesn't need them and that he knew he could do it on his own.

Randy Orton would then get up and realize what has happened, and as Christian is celebrating Orton would hit an unexpected RKO on Christian, knocking him out cold.

Out of nowhere "Whooooooooooooooa" would blast through the speakers in the arena. 

Cody Rhodes would come down to the ring with the briefcase and declare that he wants a match.  He then would pick Christian up. hit Crossroads on him for the win, and become the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Christian would eventually get up and realize what has happened. He would start going ballistic, yelling out loud that he had been screwed once again out of the championship. 

This would further the storyline of Christian's being screwed. It would also set up a feud between Cody Rhodes and his former mentor, Randy Orton. 


WWE Championship Match: Winner is CM Punk

A lot of fans were shocked to hear CM Punk announce that his contract would be ending the night after the MITB PPV and that he would be leaving the company.  Even though rumors have been going around for quite sometime that he was thinking about leaving, no one knew if and when it was actually going to happen.

The WWE has the perfect opportunity to bring something back that they have lacked recently—the element of surprise. 

Most of the fans of the WWE do not expect John Cena to lose the title to CM Punk and have the latter therefore walk away a champion—the Montreal Screwjob is still fresh in peoples minds, even to this day.

But what if WWE surprised everybody by having Punk win the title in a clean victory against John Cena?

The crowd in Chicago would go insane and tear the roof off of the place if this happened. The whole entire crowd and everyone at home would be shocked to see CM Punk crowned the new WWE champion.

No one would know what was going on or what was going to happen next. 

Will Punk leave with the title?  Is he going to stay now?  No one would have any idea, and they would tune in the next night on Raw to see what would happen.

The WWE could go a few different ways if they decide Punk will win the title. 

They could have the MITB winner cash it in on Punk the next night. While this scenario might make a little sense, it would take away from Cody's cashing it in, mentioned in my previous scenario. 

I think it would be more beneficial—with regards to the potential story lines—for Cody to cash it in, rather than have someone like Morrison cash it in on Punk.

The WWE could also have Punk say that he is leaving and be about to leave the ring when the anonymous RAW GM states that Punk still has a few hours left on his contract, and as WWE champion he is property of the WWE and must defend the title in a rematch with John Cena that night. 

Cena could then beat Punk, and Punk could ride off into the sunset. 

To me this is highly unlikely, because even though they would have the shock value of Punks win, his losing it right away to Cena would make no sense.

The most likely scenario I could see happening—and the one I think will—is that CM Punk will win the title in a shocking victory over John Cena at the PPV. 

Everyone would be in shock at this because they thought Punk was leaving and don't understand why the WWE would make him champion.

Punk would then come out on RAW and state that he has decided to stay a little while after his first WWE title win to savor it. 

He would then have a great program with John Cena leading up to Summerslam and would hold the title until then, at which time he would lose it to John Cena.

Punk would then leave the WWE for good.

All of these predictions would make for some riveting television. 

There would be shock value, great feuds, compelling story lines, and up-and-coming stars would get their chances to shine at the start of the summer......


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