MLB Umpire or Little League Umpire: Can You Tell the Difference?

jeffery newtonContributor IOctober 29, 2008

This baseball season has been full of excitement, record breaking attendance, and all around great baseball action! There has been one area of the game, however, which has not been up to par and that is the so-called professional umpires that grace our national pastime.

Umpires are only human, I understand that. But some of the calls this year have been horrific. If you didn't know any better, you would think these umpires came straight out of little league instead of being seasoned MLB professionals!

One of the biggest concerns for me is the strike zone. You grow up understanding that a strike is a ball which crosses any part of the plate and is between your chest (or letters) and your knees.

I think the umpires in recent years have gotten away from the original strike zone, but even more this year. It seems like they want the pitcher to hit a bullseye or nothing.

I have seen too many games decided by these amateur calls and it's not fair to the players, fans, and organizations. In other areas, I have seen blown balk calls, the infield fly rule not applied, and numerous missed home run and foul calls botched.

There will always be bad calls. It's gonna happen. But every measure should be taken for the umpires to be as precise as possible. They need to have stricter guidelines in order to be a MLB umpire have more training and even add role play sessions.

If this problem continues I don't know how bright the MLB future is going to be, so let's hope the league takes action and improves this situation so we all can enjoy the game which we all love in a competitive and fair setting.