Meet the Mets...At Citi Field

Johnny SheaCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2008

44 years, 16,060 days, 23,126,400 minutes.

This is the life of Shea Stadium, born on April 17, 1964 and closing fall 2008. It will leave behind a legacy, two World Series rings, miracles, disasters, MVPs and Hall of Famers, and a large parking lot.

It will say goodbye to the infamous Mr. Met, the "cowbell guy," and of course all of the fans who have been through it all. From the 1986 World Series when Bill Buckner gave the Mets a Game Seven and eventually a championship, to the 2007 late season collapse with a seven game lead and 17 games to play.

But it's not over. As Shea Stadium says farewell, Citi Field says let's meet the Mets! In 2009, all we can do is hope that Citi Field brings along some luck.

With a lineup of multiple All-Stars, their chances look good, but as we know from last season, that is easier said than done. When the Mets play their last season at Shea, we hope that they can give it the ultimate gift—October Baseball.

The closing of Shea Stadium and the welcoming of Citi Field give Mets fans something to cheer about, despite last year's collapse.

I hope to purchase one of Shea Stadium's seats as well as a Citi Field brick. It will be the end of an era, but a new beginning is on the horizon. I find it appropriate that the Mets will say goodbye to Shea by the end of this season and hopefully put the horrors of the '07 season behind them once and for all.

Shea Stadium has 81 games left, excluding the playoffs. I pray that Shea will go down with a smile on his face and a third World Series ring.

Hey, we ain't called the Amazins' for nothing.