NBA: Comparing NBA Stars to Superheroes

Joseph Fafinski@Joseph FafinskiCorrespondent IJune 27, 2011

NBA: Comparing NBA Stars to Superheroes

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    Every player in the NBA has some sort of supernatural ability that contributes to their being in the league.

    Whether they block shots, sink treys, or have nifty hands, they are all in the association for some reason.

    Superheroes are also in a world of their own. With the powers they have, they can take over the world.

    That got me thinking—which NBA players resemble superheroes, and which one?

    Read on and I'll inform you.

    Feel free to throw suggestions out there for me!


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Dwight Howard: The Hulk

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    Arguments will be made that Dwight Howard resembles Superman more than the Incredible Hulk (heck, even I put it on the cover), but to be honest his moniker doesn't fit him completely.

    The Hulk is a fierce and absolutely ripped force, and he and Dwight could take over the world together. Just please don't get them mad in the process.

    Dwight has the power to be the game's best defensive force.

Dwyane Wade: Flash

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    I know, I know. You saw this one coming.

    But when you actually take a gander, you'll come to realize their are some great similarities.

    For one, both of them display an unnatural IQ in their respective fields. They also are two of the fastest at what they do.

    Both Flash's are also able to store uncanny amounts of information in their brains.

    Oh yeah, and they both share the same nickname, too.

Michael Jordan: Batman

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    Yes, Michael Jordan isn't a current NBA superstar.

    Seriously though, how can you exclude him from a superheroes slide show? The guy was, and still is, the game's best player ever.

    So why not reserve this role for the most feared player in NBA history, a guy who can turn it on whenever his team is in danger.

    And who can forget his trusty sidekick...

LeBron James: Robin

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    Robin is a fierce competitor, and he is willing to do anything to win the ultimate battle.

    Who better to compare that to LeBron James?

    They are extremely similar. In fact, both of them are willing to step aside and let their teammates finish the battle!

Shaquille O'Neal: Superman

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    He declared himself Superman throughout his illustrious career, so it's only fitting.

Dirk Nowitzki: Longshot

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    A "longshot" in the NBA is a three-pointer. Dirk Nowitzki likes the treys.

    That coupled with the appearance makes this an easy pick.

Eddy Curry: The Blob

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    This one is literally too funny to pass up.

    Eddy Curry is very—um, take it away Bill Simmons! "Eddy Curry is a fat piece of crap!"

    Okay Bill, I didn't want to mean but, um, the comparisons are uncanny in that aspect.

Rajon Rondo: The Green Lantern

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    Aside from the fact that the colors are spot-on, both of these heroes attained their powers after winning a ring.

    Cheesy? Yes, but it's true!