Florida-Georgia: A Great Rivalry, But Gators Might Have the Edge

Dermott DessertContributor IOctober 29, 2008

                                     Florida-Georgia: A Great Rivalry

When it comes to the Florida-Georgia game, I do not put much credence in what happened in the past, such as "Florida won 15 out of the last 18 games, etc." I focus on the present. This includes the following: Which team has the momentum? What happened in the previous game? What about injuries? How many players are out of the regular rotation?

Florida's loss to Mississippi is in the past. So is Georgia's loss to Alabama. However, I see that Georgia has not changed much during the course of the season. If anything, the injuries will be the issue with the Georgia offensive line.

Its three tight ends are battling shoulder injuries due to blocking defensive ends. But, with Knowshon Moreno and fullback Brannan Sutherland in the backfield, the Gators may be forced into an eight-man box—like last year. And Moreno can turn any busted play into yardage.

If that happens, Mohamed Massaquoi and A.J. Green will keep the offense in the game. Both are scary-good. Short passes and controlling the clock will be the Georgia game plan. Add the Moreno/Sutherland left...right...up the middle...and you have a good portion of Mark Richt's game plan. I do believe that the offensive line will be tested, though.

Florida, however, has too many weapons: a selfless Heisman Trophy-winner, the fastest players in college football, and a defense that is improving by the minute. Watching the Gators play is like watching a monster film—as the movie progresses, the monster gets smarter, faster, and stronger.

Speaking of faster and stronger, I am impressed by Percy Harvin:

                            year        weight            bench                  time

Percy Harvin           2006        177 lbs        bench press 280      4.45  40-yd dash
Percy Harvin           2007        190 lbs        bench press 345      4.28  40-yd dash
Percy Harvin           2008        198 lbs        bench press 405      4.28  40-yd dash

In my opinion, there are just too many weapons: Demps and Rainey, Hernandez and Harvin, Moore and Murphy. I see Tim Tebow exploiting the Georgia defensive backfield with short routes that will keep a gassed Bulldog defense on the field.

As much as I love my immediate family—all Georgia fans—they do not love me right now. And they are going to kill me when I predict that the Gators are going to put up a monster number while keeping the Bulldogs on a short leash.

Florida 45, Georgia 17