Eagles-Seahawks: The Numbers Game

chris klinknerSenior Writer IOctober 29, 2008

By Brian Jackson

It may be a little late, but the Eagles are finally beginning to play up to the expectations that we all had for them heading into the season. The statistics suggest the Eagles should dominate this week's opponent, the Seattle Seahawks. Let's look at the numbers...


Total Defense


Passing Defense


Rushing Defense



Hey, stats don’t lie!

The difference in the Eagles’ three losses this season has been a measly two- to four-point deficit (and some people were complaining about the Eagles getting a gift call against the Falcons!).

So coming into the game against Seattle, an opponent that statistically can't match the Eagles or overwhelm their defense, I feel this week should ultimately result in a dominating performance for the Eagles on both sides of the field.

Injuries are usually the X-factor. But with Matt Hasselbeck slated to be out and the only key Eagles injuries being to LJ Smith (scary that we are labeling him key!), Reggie Brown (please stay hurt), and Sean Andrews (just place him on IR, already), it looks like the Eagles also have the X-factor working for them this weekend!

And good ol' Andy Reid and defensive coordinator Jim Johnson seem be on a roll lately with using what they have. Eagles in a romp!