College Football 2011: 50 Hottest Celebrity Alumni

Amber Lee@@BlamberrSports Lists Lead WriterJune 29, 2011

College Football 2011: 50 Hottest Celebrity Alumni

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    Let's face it, summer is a black hole of suck for most sports fans.  Tragically boring Major League Baseball is the only game in town, too bad it's impossible to watch on television unless you're drunk.  The NBA and NHL both end in mid-June and football doesn't begin until early September- and the NFL pre-season does not count.

    Obviously, summer isn't all bad!  Irritating people from the office are intermittently gone, it's more socially acceptable to drink during the day, the best movies are released and ladies are walking around town half naked.  Plus, college football season will be upon us before you know it!

    Let's gear up for the 2011 season by counting down the 50 hottest alums from 40 of the NCAA's top teams. 

    Why is it out of 40, you ask?  Because UCLA, University of Florida, San Diego State, and University of Arizona are bogarting all of the hot chicks. 

50. Ann Curry, University of Oregon

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    Oregon graduate Ann Curry began her career in broadcasting in 1978 as an intern with an NBC affiliate and today she is co-host of the morning juggernaut Today Show.  Jeezus, that’s 30 years!  Can you believe Curry is almost 55 years old?

    Fun Fact about Ann: She was the first female news reporter at KTVL in Medford Oregon.  

49. Sela Ward, University of Alabama

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    University of Alabama graduate Sela Ward spent what must have been four glorious years in Tuscaloosa.  She was a cheerleader for the Crimson Tide, a member of the Chi Omega sorority and, naturally, was homecoming queen. 

    Fun Fact about Sela: She's drawn to the sexiest professions; she planned to be a stewardess before her fear of flying convinced her to be a model.

48. Shanola Hampton, University of Illinois

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    South Carolina native Shanola Hampton graduated from the University of Illinois with a Masters in Fine Arts.  She can currently be seen on the Showtime drama Shameless.

    Fun Fact about Shanola: Her show, Shameless, is one of the most naked shows in the history of television. 

47. Tamara Braun, University of Wisconsin

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    Before Tamara Braun was a soap star, she was a psychology major at the University of Wisconsin

    Fun Fact about Tamara: She enjoys alpine skiing.  Okay, so it wasn't that fun.

46. Ashley Judd, University of Kentucky

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    Ashley Judd is, clearly, a proud graduate of the University of Kentucky.  Although Judd has been a working actress for two decades, somehow I haven't seen a single movie she's been in. 

    Fun Fact about Ashley: She was cast in Natural Born Killers, a movie I have seen, but her scenes were ultimately cut. 

45. Ericka Dunlap, University of Central Florida

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    In 2004 UCF graduate Ericka Dunlap became the first African American to be crowned Miss. Florida.  She went on to win the Miss America title months later

    Fun Fact about Ericka: She and her husband appeared on season 15 of The Amazing Race and placed third.

44. Kate Jackson, Ole Miss

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    Ole Miss graduate, Kate Jackson is best known for her role as one of Charlie’s Angels that wasn’t Farrah Fawcett; which must really irritate her considering she studied acting at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. 

    Apparently she worked steadily before and after the show too… who knew?

    Fun Fact about Kate: She’s bad at marriage or bad at picking men because she’s been married three times for a total of seven years.

43. Jayma Mays, Virginia Tech

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    Jayma Mays spent at least some of her college career at Virginia Tech.  She’s currently starring in Glee, but I didn’t need to tell you that. 

    Fun Fact about Jayma:  She made her first television appearance on the Matt LeBlanc stink bomb Joey and, proving the resilience of the human spirit, continues to work today.

42. Kimberly Page, Auburn University

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    Kimberly Page, who was Kimberly Bacon at the time, graduated from Auburn with a degree in journalism in 1991.  Aside from appearances in Playboy and Penthouse, she's best known for her work as a fitness model and her stint as one of WCW's Nitro Girls.

    Fun Fact about Kimberly: She had a small, but memorable, part in The 40-year-old Virgin.

41. Christopher Meloni, University of Colorado

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    Christopher Meloni graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in (swoon) History.  He’s got no chance of being typecast; from his appearance as Freakshow in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle to Chris Keller in Oz (shudder), Meloni’s characters have run the gamut.

    Fun Fact about Chris: He was, understandably, included in the 2006 edition of People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive. 

40. Kate Sullivan, Notre Dame

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    Chicago news anchor Kate Sullivan graduated cum laude from Notre Dame in 2002.  She's pretty, but not super interesting.

    Fun Fact about Kate: She has a Wikipedia page, and it sucks.

39. Queenie Chu, University of Washington

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    A graduate from the University of Washington, majoring in political science and communications, the education of Queenie Chu is much less a story than her blood line. The daughter of legendary martial artist, athlete, and overall badass, Bruce Lee, this is one woman who could knee-cap you in a debate as well as in the ring.

    Fun Fact about Queenie: Queenie was caught making out with Hong Kong actor, and apparent playboy, Joey Leung--who is married.

38. Vera Farmiga, Syracuse University

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    Since graduating from Syracuse in the mid 90’s, Vera Farmiga has worked steadily in TV that you never watch and movies that you don’t see; the one exception being her role in the latest Scorsese masterpiece The Departed.

    Fun Fact about Vera: She and her husband Renn have a daughter name Gytta Lubov Hawkey. 


37. Lauren Hutton, Tulane

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    Lauren Hutton graduated from Tulane University in 1964 before going on to a successful career in acting and modeling.  Today she has her own line of cosmetics.

    Fun fact about Lauren: She’s a motorcycle enthusiast and was involved in a serious accident in 2000 while on a 100-mile ride with various biker dudes including; Jeremy Irons (Scar from The Lion King!) and Dennis Hopper. 

    Apparently Irons saved her life, but how big of a mindf**k would it be to have the voice of the evil Scar comforting you in a life-or-death situation?

36. Danni Boatwright, University of Kansas

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    KU graduate Dannie Boatwright is an on air sports personality in Tonganoxie (seriously), Kansas, but is better known for winning Survivor: Guatemala.  Bagging a cool $1 million for her efforts.  Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, the former beauty queen isn’t bad to look at. 

    Fun Fact about Danni: She appeared on Star Search and competed in the “spokesmodel” category.  Don’t know what a spokesmodel is?  Click here: you’ll thank me later.   

35. Kristen Wiig, University of Arizona

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    Like most great Americans, Kristen Wiig dropped out of college at the University of Arizona to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career in acting.  Since then she’s had success after success and she’s given  teenagers nation-wide a reason not to go to college.

    Fun Fact about Kristen: She was in the single most disgustingly hilarious sex scene in movie history.  Run, don’t walk, to rent MacGruber.

34. Kristin Davis, Rutgers University

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    Kristin Davis graduated from Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of the arts in 1987 and immediately moved to New York City to pursue an acting career.  Her big break was being cast in Melrose Place in 1995 and her bigger break was landing a role in Sex and the City in 1998.

    Fun Fact about Davis: She’s a recovering alcoholic who loves elephants.

33. Faye Dunaway, University of Florida

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    Faye Dunaway graduated from the University of Florida in 1962 with a degree in theater and began working as an actress the same year.  In 1962 she landed her most famous role as Bonnie Parker in Bonnie in Clyde opposite Warren Beatty.

    Fun Fact about Faye: She co-starred in The Towering Inferno with O.J. Simpson. and lived to tell the tale.

32. Rebecca Diamond, University of Maryland

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    Rebecca Diamond is one of the University of Maryland’s most famous Terrapins, she graduated in 1991 with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.  Normally a degree in journalism precludes someone from a job at Fox News, but Diamond beat the odds and spent a decade with the network before resigning to talk about her kids on Twitter.

    Fun Fact about Rebecca: The former Fox News Business Correspondent is currently soliciting business advice from her Twitter followers.

    Kidding about Fox News, please spare me your rage.

31. Sasha Alexander, University Southern California

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    Sasha Alexander graduated from USC before going on to appear Dawson’s Creek as well as a number of other shows that your grandparents enjoy, such as NCIS and CSI.

    Fun Fact about Sasha: She’s married to the son of legendary actress Sophia Loren.

30. Kim Basinger, University of Georgia

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    Kim Basinger briefly attended the University of Georgia before bailing on the Bulldogs to become a model/actress and then an actress/model.  Her most famous role in 9 ½ Weeks is almost as famous as her most famous divorce from actor Alec Baldwin

    Fun Fact about Kim: She once dated Prince.

29. Bettie Page, Vanderbilt University

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    Pinup queen Bettie Page attended Vanderbilt briefly before leaving to pursue a career in modeling.  She was the first famous bondage model and one of the earliest Playmates of the Month for Playboy magazine

    Fun Fact about Bettie:  In 1957, Page gave "expert guidance" to the FBI regarding the production of "flagellation and bondage pictures". 

    What else would you expect from noted creepshow J. Edgar Hoover?

28. Anne Hudson, Texas Tech

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    Texas Tech graduate Anne Hudson is one of the finest women working in radio today, probably because fine looking women are usually on television.  She's currently working at KVET in Austin, Texas. 

    Fun Fact about Anne: According to Twitter, she recently bought a bathing suit!

    She also scored a new follower (me).

27. Isaiah Mustafa, Arizona State

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    Old Spice spokesman Isaiah Mustahfa studied at Arizona State before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting.  He didn’t play high school football but made a splash in the NCAA when he played during the 1997 Rose Bowl between the then-undefeated Sun Devils (led by Mustafa's friend Jake Plummer) and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

    Fun Fact about Isaiah: He’s the youngest of seven children!

26. Amy Poehler, Boston College

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    Amy Poehler graduated from Boston College in 1993 and her career’s had the same trajectory of Tina Fey.  From Second City to SNL to a hilarious NBC sitcom that is high in critical praise and low in viewers.

    Fun Fact about Amy:  She’s married to Arrested Development’s Will Arnett, making them the funniest married couple in the world.


25. Tina Fey, University of Virginia

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    The career of University of Virginia graduate Tina Fey, already a legend, speaks for itself: She’s hilarious, she’s hot, she’s fearless and hopefully she’s just getting started.    

    Fun Fact about Tina: She’s from Upper Darby, just west of Philadelphia and her Philly accent is a thing of beauty.

    Another Fun Fact: Her photo gave my computer a virus and nearly ruined my life.

24. Jill Wagner, NC State

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    NC State alum Jill Wagner is a model-turned-actress who got her start on the MTV prank show Punk'd.(the one responsible for the Ashton Kutcher plague).  Most recently she hosted the ABC trainwreck Wipeout before bouncing to focus on her acting career.  Whether or not starring in the MTV show Teen Wolf is considered acting; that's for you to decide. 

    Fun Fact about Jill: She's spent time with a drunk Tommy Lee on the set of Punk'd.  I'm not saying anything happened, but something probably happened.

23. Kourtney Kardashian, University of Arizona

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    University of Arizona graduate Kourtney made the Kardashian’s proud by being the first/only of the famous sisters to graduate from college.  OMG she really is the smart one.

    Fun Fact about Kourtney: She’s related to Kim Kardashian!!!

22. Amanda Paige, University of Virginia

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    Outside of “Boobpedia” and “Playboywiki” it’s difficult to find details about Amanda Paige, but I assure you she attended UVA for some period of time.

    Fun Fact about Amanda:  You can read more about her at

21. Zooey Deschanel, Northwestern

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    Zooey Deschanel logged an impressive seven months at Northwestern before waving goodbye to the Wildcats to launch her acting/singing career.  Deschanel has made a living playing the alternative love interest in films such as Failure to Launch (wretched), Elf (hilarious), and 500 Days of Summer (adorable) as well as the lead singer of the band She & Him.

    Fun Fact about Zooey: She went to the same private high school as Jake Gyllenhaal and Kate Hudson.

    Oh, and I love her, and I love you if you love her.

20. Mary Louise Parker, University of North Carolina

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    The ageless Mary Louise Parker attended UNC before growing up to become the fearlessly naked actress she is today on Weeds.

    Fun Fact about Mary Louise: Her sex scene on Weeds with Mark Paul Gosselaar (see: Zack Morris) is.. um… worth watching.

19. Matthew McConaughey , University of Texas

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    Alright, alright, alright... Matthew McConaughey is the University of Texas’ most famous graduate.  Sure he’s more famous for his chiseled abs than his actual acting abilities, but he’s still darn famous. 

    Fun Fact about Matthew:  In 1999 he was arrested in Austin for disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, and playing the bongo drums in the nude. 

18. Danica McKellar, UCLA

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    UCLA graduate Danica Mckellar may be best known as Winnie Cooper in The Wonder Years, but today she’s a well-known mathematics enthusiast who, considering recent photos, is determined to put the action in fraction.

    Fun Fact about Danica: Her first kiss was with Fred Savage in an episode of The Wonder Years. 

    Bet you haven’t been jealous of that guy in quite a while…

17. Eva Longoria, Texas A&M

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    Before Eva Longoria was a professional wearer of bikinis, she was briefly a student at Texas A&M before dropping out to pursue a career in being beautiful and talking on camera. 

    Fun Fact about Eva: Miss Corpus Christi 1998 says she was an ugly duckling growing up.. poor thing..

16. Kimberly Holland, University of Houston

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    According to IMDB, Kimberly Holland graduated from the University of Houston with a degree in marketing and currently lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.  She’s most famous for appearances in Playboy magazine. 

    Fun Fact about Kimberly:  Her ambition is to live by the beach and her turnoffs are the smell of pork rinds and pickles.

15. Rachel Specter, University of Florida

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    Rachel Specter graduated from the University of Florida with honors and has guest starred in shows such as How I Met Your Mother, Entourage, and Gilmore Girls. 

    Fun Fact about Rachel: She's been stricken with a tragic case of Bieber Fever.

14. Jen Sterger, Florida State University

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    Brett Favre's muse, Jenn Sterger is a graduate of Florida State University and is the Seminoles' most famous football fan.  She has worked sporadically in broadcasting but her full-time job is appearing nakedish in publications such as Playboy and Maxim as well as the internet at-large.

    Fun Fact about Jenn: She had her breast implants removed in 2009 because she was tired of being stereotyped.

13. Jill Arrington, Unversity of Miami

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    "The U" graduate Jill Arrington has become a staple on multiple shows across the sports world, covering college football, the NFL, Arena Football, NASCAR, She is the Renaissance woman of 'sideline' sports journalism. It doesn't hurt that she is hot, but she has the legit athletic cred to boot.

    Fun Fact about Jill: She was the spokesperson for that gateway alcoholic beverage of our youth: Zima.

12. Lucy Liu, University of Michigan

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    Lucy Liu graduated from the University of Michigan with a degree in Asian Languages and Cultures in 1989.  She went on to career making roles in Ally McBeal and Charlie's Angels before going on to less commercial roles.

    Fun Fact about Lucy: She plays the accordion.

11. Kenley and Lacey Minchew, Louisiana State University

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    There was no choosing between LSU graduates Kenley and Lacey Minchew.  Kenley is a dancer for the Dallas Mavericks and Lacey is a former Miss Louisiana and Miss Teen USA.

    Fun Fact about the Minchews: They both appeared on Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

    Neither made the team. 

10. Jenna Morasca, University of Pittsburgh

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    Swimsuit model and University of Pittsburgh graduate Jenna is best known for winning Survivor: Amazon and bagging a cool $1 million for her efforts.She’s engaged to fellow Survivor contestant and cancer survivor Ethan Zohn.

    Fun Fact about Jenna: She and Heidi Strobel, wife of Cole Hamel, will do anything for peanut butter

9. Brad Pitt, University of Missouri

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    Before Brad Pitt was Mr. Angelina Jolie, he was at the University of Missouri, where he peaced-out weeks before earning his degree.  He would go on to star as Tyler Durden in Fight Club, the most amazing character in the most underrated movie of a generation.

    Fun Fact about Life: You can swallow a pint of blood before you get sick.

8. Farrah Fawcett, University of Texas

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    Before she was Charlie's finest angel, Farrah Fawcett was one of the "Ten Most Beautiful Coeds" at the University of Texas.  A Hollywood publicist saw her photo in Cashbox magazine and encouraged her to move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career; she left after her junior year and never returned.

    Fun Fact about Farrah: She styled herself for the photo shoot that produced her iconic poster of the 70's.

7. Lisa Dergan Podsednik, San Diego State

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    Lisa is a model, actress, sportscaster, and media personality who was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in July 1998.  Oh, and she has a degree in Art History from San Diego State, she speaks Japanese fluently and she’s an avid golfer. 

    Fun Fact about Lisa: She was the St. Pauli Girl in 2003.

6. Jennifer Connelly, Stanford University

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    Unsurprisingly, Jennifer Connelly worked as a model for years before enrolling at Stanford to study drama.  She gave college a try but left the same year to pursue a career in film. 

    Fun Fact about Jennifer: Jesus Jones is her favorite band. Speaking of Jesus Jones, I could really go for a crystal clear pepsi right here, right now.

5. Gabrielle Union, University of Nebraska

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    Gabrielle Union graduated from UCLA but she transferred from the University of Nebraska.  She earned a degree in Sociology and worked as a model to pay off her college loans.  Modeling led to acting, acting led to Miami Heat guard Dwayne Wade, and here she is today. 

    Fun Fact about Gabrielle: She was a star point guard in high school, which could explain her affinity for NBA players.

4. Erin Andrews, University of Florida

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    Before Erin Andrews was America’s sexiest sportscaster she was a sorority girl in Gainesville and a member of the Dazzlers, the Gators basketball dance team. 

    Fun Fact about Erin:  She once wanted to train whales at Sea World.

3. Olivia Munn, University of Oklahoma

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    Olivia Munn’s journalism degree from OU probably isn’t why she landed a role on The Daily Show: her comedic chops may be debatable but her attractiveness is not.  She knows haters gonna hate and doesn’t let criticism get her down.

    Fun Fact about Olivia: She got her “big break” in the straight to DVD horror movie Scarecrow Gone Wild

2. Anna Faris, University of Washington

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    Anna Faris graduated from the University of Washington in 1999 right before landing her breakout in Scary Movie.  Faris may be seriously smoking, but she’s also seriously funny- rumor has it she may be cast in Ghostbusters 3 with some serious comedy heavyweights.

    Fun Fact about Anna:  She won High Times "Stoner of the Year" in 2007.

1. Mila Kunis, UCLA

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    Before Mila Kunis was the hottest chick on the planet; she was just another college student half-assing her way through school.  Mila took two classes at UCLA before dropping out.  I know… her appeal is totally lost now.

    Fun Fact about Mila:  Nerd alert.  Kunis is a big fan of World of Warcraft.