Excuse Me—It's Me, Basketball: Previewing NCAA Basketball 09

Matt ThielSenior Analyst IOctober 29, 2008

Sorry to interrupt your séance to talk to Al Onofrio (too soon?). We take this time-out to let EA Sports remind you that some orange ball sport is right around the corner.

Count me as semi-excited about NCAA Basketball 09. Finally, Mizzou has a decent team of youngins and no shotgun-toting, getting jaw broken jagoffs.

Mike Anderson has HIS players and not some greasy-weirdo-that-looks-like-he-lives-in-the-strip-club-on-a-Tuesday-around-2p's players. That's another post for another probably snowy day in mid-January.

Here's what you need to know about NCAA BB 09. Kevin Love is the coverboy, and the game got its release date bumped up to Nov. 17. EA got the exclusive rights to NCAA basketball, and according to what I've seen and heard, the game is pretty tits (I'm dusting off old '80s terms, so yes, I dropped tits. Pretty boss, eh?).

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And if you're really into the game, here's the Top 25 for the game.