Reggie Bush to San Diego: There Are a Couple Reasons Why That's Unrealistic

Ian PhilipAnalyst IIIJune 26, 2011

Reggie Bush is spectacular at playing the field, unfortunately, he's a two sport athlete.
Reggie Bush is spectacular at playing the field, unfortunately, he's a two sport athlete.Chris Graythen/Getty Images

If you thought that there was a chance that Reggie Bush will become a San Diego Charger, allow me to throw cold water on your hot passionate flames. That is not going to happen.

As good as Bush would be playing for Norv Turner and the Bolts, he's made two decisions that nearly guarantee that GM AJ Smith won't consider Bush, Charger material.

Dating Kim Kardashian, a reality (fake) drama queen is more attention than the Chargers want to bring to themselves. Even though that's ancient history, Bush is now dating another hot actress/singer named Melissa Molinaro. She looks so much like Kim K. that news of their relationship wound up on the front page of Yahoo.

Since Yahoo is the third most popular site in the United States, the blogging world went crazy.

Notorious for wanting control of all media relating to the squad, there is no way the Chargers organization will go for a beacon of attention like Bush. Nick Canepa of the San Diego Union-Tribune once suggested that was "edited in Iraq." 

Bush also has a history of injuries, but not as embarrassingly long as the Chargers.

Since Turner became the Chargers' head coach and changed the training staff, the Chargers have had a ton of injuries every year, most notably in the early season. The team wouldn't be doing itself or Bush any favors by exposing him to their training staff, which can't keep their stars healthy. 

Bush would be electrifying in San Diego filling Darren Sproles' role, but it is unrealistic to think the Chargers organization would stray from their normal way of doing business and make that splash.