Let's kick Totscum when they're down!

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Let's kick Totscum when they're down!
Yes it's that time again. The time where two London Clubs set aside any other ambitions to wholly focus on one. It's North London derby time again. That means that we as Arsenal FC almost set aside our title ambitions to channel all our energies on the annihilation of Totscum, while our less worthy opponents try and avoid the drop. Heh! It's going to really something, and it more often is . And don't let the league positions fool you. It will be all hammer and tongs. It may pale in comaprison to the mayhem that goes on in Galatasaray and Fenerbache derbies or indeed Independiente and Racing Club in Argentina, but heck, it's our derby and the need to win this one is as good as any other in the world.

Tottenham have been through hell and they will be looking to get their season back on track and could there be any other way than beating their bitterest rivals.They need a bit of impetus. There's no such impetus as beating Arsenal at their home ground for our disillusioned neighbours. Their pride has been hurt immeasurably, some of it though can be salvaged.

We on the other hand can hand them out a thrashing, they never would have received at their mother's knee. And prove, as we have done time and time again of their gross inferiority. Arsenal fans as you can imagine have been at the forefront of taking the piss out of the recent misfortunes of Tottenham, and another Tottenham disaster will give us the licence we have never really needed to go overboard with the dissing. Oh wouldn't that be lover-ly!

It's also time to wipe away those memories of the 5-1 Carling Cup defeat, it was the kids I know, but still we need to dish it out today. The good thing about it too, is that we really will, in my opinion there's no way the Scum could weather the storm. Totnum are just back from their most important result all season. They're first win, they also have Harry Redknapp pulling the strings as coach. But is it going to be good enough to beat an Arsenal side at Ashburton Grove. Naw! I really don't think the Spuds have it in them.

We know they want to beat us so bad, so that's enough for us to piss all over them! Fab gets it going pre-match saying that Spurs would find it tough going to beat our ladies side, and there's stuff about Ade winding them up too. And if you ever need to be reminded of our dominance in this particular fixture have a gander here.

Then again anything could happen in these sorta games. Only one way to find out now innit? It's a 20.00 kickoff at the Grove and so turns out to be a 1.30 kickoff in India and it's live on ESPN in the region.

Let's kick the shite outta Spurs!!

Come on you Gunners!!

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