WWE, Sony BMG Sued Over John Cena's Theme Song

Colin VassalloCorrespondent IOctober 29, 2008

Hip-hop group MOP have filed a lawsuit against WWE and Sony BMG for $150,000 claiming that Cena's theme which is titled "Time Is Now" is partly taken off one of their tracks "Ante Up."

TMZ.com reports that the group now want WWE to stop using the song as they did not give permission to the company to use it and they claim WWE's legal representatives actually found someone—who ended up being just the receptionist—to sign off on the license to use it and the person didn't have permission to sign the document.

The freestyle rap "BRRR Abado" which is found in Cena's song is the major part of the lawsuit. Apart from the request for WWE to stop using the theme, the group also wants any media which the song is heard on destroyed.

The lawsuit was filed by The Royalty Network Inc., on behalf of MOP on October 15th. We tried to reach The Royalty Network last week for comments however they chose not to get involved in the story.

You can read the full lawsuit which is published by TMZ.COM in PDF at http://www.aolcdn.com/tmz_documents/4028_cena_opt1.pdf

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