The Brookfield Bomber: Connecticut QB Boeing Brown

D.J. PiccaContributor IIIJune 26, 2011

Boeing Brown (L), Junior QB @ Brookfield HS (CT) with Antonio Maurice Ford (R), Senior RB @ Wayzata HS (MN) at the Team USA Tryouts
Boeing Brown (L), Junior QB @ Brookfield HS (CT) with Antonio Maurice Ford (R), Senior RB @ Wayzata HS (MN) at the Team USA Tryouts

"Boeing is a fantastic athlete, [has] great size, [and] has an ability on film to find the open man and use his feet to create time and space. His accuracy and deep ball are consistently good and he has major D-I potential."

David Schuman
CEO and President, Schuman Enterprises

Boeing Brown always knew he wanted to play quarterback.

When his parents would take him to the park as a four-year old, with football in hand, he would walk up to the older boys and ask them if they wanted to play a game—a gutsy move for a preschooler. Most older kids would have tied such a youngster upside down to the nearest jungle gym with a jump rope.

But Brown was—and still is—such an affable person that the older youths listened to him as teams were picked.

They paid attention to his every word. He was a natural leader even at such a tender age.

And of course, Brown was the signal-caller for one of the teams. Despite the considerable age difference, he more than held his own—a trademark that would stay with him in his later years.

Soccer was a major part of Brown's life back in those days. Until the eighth grade, he would be shuttled from his football game to his elite-level, travel soccer squad.

And while he loved playing on this select team, he knew the gridiron was his primary love.

The roots of Boeing Brown's quarterbacking pedigree started at age seven. By the time he was ten, he lead his team to the state championship tilt. The next year they again went undefeated in the regular season, eventually losing deep in the playoffs.

In the eighth grade, Brown impressed former Super Bowl champion Joe "Willie" Namath at his Complete Quarterback Camp, but it was in Brown's appearances and performances at David Schuman's National Underclassman Combine that he truly made a name for himself.

As a freshman at Middletown, N.Y., Brown captured overall QB MVP honors and was invited to NUC's Top Ultimate 100. He repeated the feat this year as a sophomore.

As one of only two 10th graders at the Rivals Junior Invitational in Oakland, N.J., Brown would be ranked No. 6 out of 30 quarterbacks. He impressed every one at the camp, including the junior who earned the overall top ranking, Casey Cochran.

"Boeing Brown is a very hard worker and a great player. The future is very bright for him," praised Cochran, a prized D-I prospect from the state of Connecticut.

As a ninth grader, Brown started for both the freshman and junior varsity teams at Brookfield (Conn.) High School.

His big break came against powerful Newton HS this past season.

The Bobcats trailed by two touchdowns heading into the second half, when Brown's head coach switched multitalented junior Brian Kelly from quarterback to wide receiver.

Brown would take every snap from center from that point forward.

While he directed a furious comeback that fell just short that day against Newton, the school knew they had something special in their sophomore field general.

"I'm thankful that we didn't play Brookfield later in that season. They were a whole different team with Brown in charge," said Newton HS head coach Steve George.

His own head coach was just as impressed with his young leader.

"Boeing Brown earned the starting quarterback position at Brookfield HS in his sophomore year based on his unyielding work ethic that he followed throughout the offseason after his freshman year," said long-time Brookfield head coach Rich Angarano. "He worked on his mechanics and his footwork and came into camp and showed early on that he possessed the qualities of a great leader and [has] consistently shown to be a quarterback that will make the right decisions. He was a key contributor to a team ended our season in the Class M State Semi-Finals by throwing for over 1,500 yards and 18 touchdowns."

Brookfield High School is a mid-size school in the state of Connecticut. They consistently play up against Class L and LL squads from the region—schools that are often triple their size.

The only other loss the Bobcats experienced during the regular season was at mighty Masuk, the No. 1 team in the state, led by Casey Cochran.

It was Brown's play on the road in a hostile environment that kept Brookfield in that contest right to the end.

Brown remains undefeated at home (a seven-game winning streak).

Certain student/athletes simply have "it"—that intangible that makes them stand out and earns the respect of their teammates and coaches, as well as opposing players and coaches.

Brown clearly has "it."

He is a natural leader; he is a thoroughbred athlete—a lethal combination, especially at the all-important quarterback position.

To accumulate the kind of offensive statistics that he did against the murderers' row that Brookfield competes against is impressive for a sophomore.

To boot, the versatile Brown averaged 45 yards a punt this past season. Years of intense soccer training developed these long, booming, left-footed punts, which included a 57-yarder against New London HS that pinned them down on the two-yard line.

"Among the players I cover, Boeing Brown has the most passion and has the strongest work ethic," said Kevin Duffy, who covers high school sports for the Danbury News Times. "He is relentless. He breathes football. He does everything in his power to constantly improve. As teammates are celebrating a win, Boeing is already looking ahead to the next opponent, breaking down film. He's got a pro mentality, with a matching physical skill set to put it into action and make it work."

At 6'3" and a solid 200 pounds, Brown has all the physical tools to excel at a major college football program. 

And he is only going to get bigger and stronger—he is a tireless worker who demands nothing but the best from himself.

Just like the little four-year-old boy who won over the older kids at the playground, Brown's work ethic and gutsy performances against all kinds of competition have won over his older teammates—a key to the high expectations the Brookfield football team face heading into the fall.

"The most impressive attribute that Boeing has shown us during our current offseason is his consistent work ethic to get better and not just remain the same," added Coach Angarano. "We are expecting really good things from him this season as we all work to get back to the state tournament and finish in our goal for another state championship."

More important is the kind of quality person Brown is.

With a 3.57 GPA in rigorous classes and plans for AP/Honors courses next year, Brown is proud of his heritage and a major history buff.

He is a son of the American Revolution and a Mayflower child, so when he was asked to try out for Team USA recently, the honor meant the world to both him and, especially, his one-time naval-officer and former college football-player dad, Christopher Brown.

Boeing followed that up with a dominant performance at Schuman's Ultimate 100 East Combine, earning him an invite to NUC's exclusive Top 100 Prospect Showcase at the University of Oklahoma in late July.

Despite all the on-field accolades, the thing that Boeing Brown is most proud of is being a role model for his two younger siblings.

Baron, 9, is a head-cracking linebacker who loves to tackle, and Bay, 8, is a national cheerleading champion for Take One who has her mom's model good looks.

"My family means the world to me," Brown told me. "Everything I do is because of them. For them."

Strong of body and strong of faith, Boeing Brown helped bring a chapter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (the same organization that Tim Tebow proudly backs) to his school. Brown believes that a divine power watches over him—now and in the future.

The prestigious Future College Athlete Association (FCAA) believes in Boeing Brown so much that he is one of their highest-rated quarterbacks. FCAA believes in him now and in the future too. 

Project Boeing as a productive starter at the next level with tremendous upside.

"I am excited about next school year," said Brown. "I can't wait for the season to start. [It's] my chance to lead and finish with a state championship, as the quarterback. I want to leave my mark on this team and in this state. I definitely have big-time college aspirations. I will continue to work toward that ultimate goal. I will always strive to lead by example both on and off the field."

The sky is the limit for the aptly-named Boeing Brown.

The Brookfield Bomber is about to soar into the national recruiting spotlight.