Houston Rockets Trade Scenarios: 5 Post Draft/Lockout Deals They Could Make

James Schmidt@@james_schmidt1Correspondent IJuly 1, 2011

Houston Rockets Trade Scenarios: 5 Post Draft/Lockout Deals They Could Make

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    The Rockets had a very successful draft. They got a guy who was supposed to go much higher in Marcus Morris and they found someone to take Brad Miller in his contract while somehow finding a way to get a potential filled Lithuanian and Johnny Flynn.

    But one thing is still missing, a legitimate shot blocking center. Here are some trades that include the acquisition of a center and other pieces such as small forward.

Andris Biedrins

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    The Trade: Hasheem Thabeet, Jordan Hill, Chandler Parsons and a future second round pick for Andris Biedrins.

    Why Houston does it: It's a no brainer for Houston... They get a shot blocking center.

    Why Golden State does it: Getting rid of Andris Biedrins horrible contract is a plus for starters. They also get two project big men and a young small forward.

    Really the main draw of the deal for Golden State is getting rid of their under performing centers contract.

Josh Smith

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    The Trade: Luis Scola, Terrence Williams, Johnny Flynn, Jordan Hill and a future protected first round pick for Josh Smith and Marvin Williams.

    Houston was listed along with Orlando, New Jersey and Boston as potential landing destinations for Josh. 

    Houston also happens to have the best assets to acquire Smith.

    Houston offers up a proven veteran in Scola, three young potential filled players in Williams Flynn and Hill and a first round pick.

    Atlanta gives up Smith and Marvin Williams. Williams has a 7 mil per year and Houston would provide big cap relief for them right off the bat. Then you get rid of Smith who is having problems with the Hawks front office reportedly.

    If any of the other teams try and compete for Smith, Houston can outbid them.

Marcin Gortat

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    Trade A:  Luis Scola, Chandler Parsons Jordan Hill and a future second round pick for Marcin Gortat.

    You may be thinking that this is a little to much to give up for Gortat. But the Suns think very highly of him and don't want to let go of him.

    The Suns get a project big man, they desperately need a young power forward/center and bringing the University of Arizona project back home could be just what they need.

    Also getting the crafty veteran Luis Scola can keep the fans happy as they start the rebuilding process. Scola will instantly become a fan favorite. Add in young Chandler Parsons and a future second round pick and you have a pretty attractive trade package.

    Trade B: Jordan Hill, Hasheem Thabeet and Johnny Flynn and a future second round pick for Marcin Gortat.

    This trade would be if they wanted to go into hardcore rebuild mode. They get three young players with potential. Thabeet and Hill are project big men and Flynn could be the point guard of the future for the Suns, in the case Aaron Brooks leaves. Even if Brooks stays you have a cushion in case one of them doesn't pan out.

    Houston is getting a quality defensive center which is what they desperately need. 

Andre Iguodala

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    The Trade: Terrence Williams, Johnny Flynn, Hasheem Thabeet, Jordan Hill and a protected first round pick for Andre Iguodala.

    It's been rumored Philly wants to get rid of Iguodala and his contract. Houston would gladly help them do that.

    For Philly getting Terrence Williams would be like getting a more raw and immature version of Iguodala. Williams has the same type of skill set just hasn't developed it yet due to his immaturity. Flynn is a young point guard who would fit nicely in the backup spot. Then Jordan Hill and Thabeet are project big men.

    Houston gets a play maker, defender and decent scorer. A definite upgrade from Budinger at all aspects of the game.

Chris Kaman

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    The Trade: Terrence Williams, Hasheem Thabeet, Jordan Hill and a future second round pick for Chris Kaman.

    Kaman has been rumored to be on his way out of L.A. for a while. He doesn't have a very high trade value either. So giving L.A. cap relief and some young players along with a draft pick (can be first or second, whichever gets deal done). will really help them in the rebuilding process.

    Kaman isn't a defensive maestro. But he's a decent shot block and a very good low post scorer. He would be a good addition to Houston. 


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    Acquiring any of these players would be a huge benefit to the team.

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