What's One More Day?

Kieran CarobineContributor IOctober 29, 2008

I am a 27-year-old man-child from Philadelphia. I get the whole championship-deprived-city bit. I was a mere thought to what I could be for my parents having not yet been born. And frankly, I can't remember anything before 1986, so when the 'Sixers won it all, I was doing my best puppy impression, drooling and chewing on everything in site.  

So yeah, I want this title.  

I remember watching the Flyers lose in the finals, the AI-led 'Sixers getting swept by the Lakers, and T.O. making a comeback to almost bring a Super Bowl trophy to Philly. 

Do I want it? Yes.  

Do I think I deserve it? No.  

Does Philly deserve it? Now there's a case.  

But my point is, I have waited 27 years for this, so what is one day? Or in my case at this exact moment on the East Coast, what is 11 more hours? I can wait.

But the real question here is this: What will happen after they do win it? I mean, this season has been so fun to watch. So many ups and downs. I remember when J-Roll went down and Mr. Hands-like-Feet Bruntlett came in and made two errors in one game.

I thought the season was over. Then he redeems himself and plays not so bad defense. Once again stepping up and crushing that home run in the World Series. I don't know if I can take the offseason in anticipation for next Spring Training.  

Now, don't get me wrong, I do not—I repeat, I do not—want this to go seven games. I think they will close it out tonight, I think Madson will be the winner and Brad Lidge closes out yet another series.  

When the game starts, the real question is: Who does Charlie Manuel pinch hit? One has to think Madden will counter with David Price, therefore forcing Manuel to sit the hitter and bring in a righty. Now, who does he sacrifice? I say not Dobbs, Mr. Clutch. I hate to say it, but send Jenkins to the wolves on this one. Dobbs is way too important to waste him on a scorecard scratch out.   

The blueprint is not that hard. Throw Durbin, Eyre/Romero, Madson, then Lidge, while hitting Dobbs and Coste somewhere in there. Coste is due, and he has come a long way from playing independent ball in North Dakota (Yeah, I read the book).

Hopefully the rain holds up, and the Phillies hold up a trophy!!

KC Out