Raw Getting Knoxed

Brandon FusonContributor IOctober 29, 2008

ECW's resident big man is headed to Raw. But why? Doesn't Raw already have Kane, Batista, JBL, Snitsky, and I'm sure there's some other giant monster on the roster?

Why are all the big guys getting sent to Raw? Is it simply because Raw is the flagship program of the company and they want "Heavyweight" fights? Or because Mike Knox is so bad that they don't even wanna bog ECW down with him so they're hoping he'll blend in with Snitsky on Raw?

Then again, this could save his career. Knox could have his name botched by Santino and then be known as "Mike Crotch." Maybe that would set up a feud for them. But, maybe John Cena will never win another title ever again. I really don't see any of that happening anytime in the near or far future. Gimme your thoughts on this guys.