Federation Years 2.0

Matt MessiahContributor IOctober 29, 2008

My how times haven't changed. Sure, some years have went by but look at the cards. Little Teddy DiBiase still showing us how everyone's got a price. A Rhodes still living out the American Dream. A Samoan in need of a good head shrinking (or at least a haircut). An Orton that spends as much time on the injured list as he does the roster list.

I could go on, but frankly, there's enough tv time wasted on them that I don't need to waste any more free space on them here. With the exception of Orton, there is little positive to this group.

Rhodes and DiBiase were dethrowned on Raw this week by the team of Kofi Kingston and CM Punk. Now, in theory, a former intercontinental champion and the former world's heavyweight champion should be superior than the tag team champions. By having them lose the tag titles, it built up no one and actually shot down Cody and Ted more than anything.

How could this match have happened and not brought them down? Manu. Why not? If you've got an enforcer, use them. Dibiase and Rhodes could have lost via disqualification setting up for a small feud with Kingston and Punk. Priceless could have thrown in Manu and Orton and the Dynamic Duo could have picked up Cena and a mystery partner to create a traditional match for Survivor Series only weeks away.

How to rectify this: Priceless needs to reprimand Manu. Blame the whole thing on him how he should have been there for them. By having Manu now take over a more Abyss like role, he can build a connection with the crowd so that he won't get lost in the shuffle when they eventually realize that they have no need for a blundering slob who can't even keep them from losing their titles.