NBA Lockout: What We Could Be Missing This Season

Nigel BroadnaxCorrespondent IJuly 22, 2011

NBA Lockout: What We Could Be Missing This Season

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    The NBA lockout continues its reign of darkness on my beloved organization.

    Every day that passes where the players and owners fail to reach a new CBA deal, we move closer to the reality of losing games or perhaps an entire season (and my protest beard gets that much longer).

    As I think of the idea of the 2011-12 season being delayed or cancelled, I think about all of the story lines we'll be missing out on as a result. Here are the things I don't want to wait extended time to see.

Derrick Rose's Encore

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    Derrick Rose is coming off an impressive season where he won the MVP Award, and led the Chicago Bulls to the best record in the league and the Eastern Conference Finals.

    With his outstanding performances all season long, he thrust himself into top-five player discussion.

    With his step into the NBA's elite, it is anticipated how he will perform next season. Will he be even better? Will he drop off? We'll find out at some point, I suppose.

Blake Griffin's Encore

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    It seems like last season Blake Griffin was never on his feet, considering how often he was in the air pulverizing the rim. He was one of the biggest stories of the season as he exploded onto the NBA scene in his rookie season.

    Right out of the gate, he looked like professional basketball was something he started doing years ago. His breathtaking dunks, commanding rebounding, solid ball handling, and crafty passing is what won him Rookie of the Year and earned him an All-Star spot.

    At only 22 years old, Griffin can only get better, right? And how does he not grab hold of the title of the best power forward alive if he improves at all?  Well, I don't want to wait to see him take this potential next step.

Kevin Love's Rebounding Surge

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    Kevin Love became the near-undisputed best rebounder in the league last season. He averaged over 15 boards a a night, racked up 31 of them in a single game once, and produced a double-double streak of 53 games. He took rebounding and made it a form of art, and piled them on like they were nothing.

    Averaging 15+ rebounds in a season is a rarity in the 21st Century. To do it for a second consecutive season has been unheard of since the 70's, outside of Dennis Rodman.

    The basketball world will be closely watching to see if he can achieve this feat and enter a class that has been pretty exclusive since the NBA/ABA merger. If the season is shortened and he averages 15 boards, it might not be as impressive.

LeBron James' Response

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    LeBron James' baffling NBA Finals meltdown last month is still fresh in everyone's minds.

    No one understands how or why he threw up a string of embarrassing performances, but many are expecting him to make improvements to his game over the summer. Doing so will help dissolve the memory of his play in the Finals.

    Whatever condition his game is in once the season begins, people will want to see how he responds to his mysterious most recent playoff series. Any time after November is too late for any die-hard NBA fan.