Isiah Thomas Blames Daughter for Overdose

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Isiah Thomas Blames Daughter for Overdose

Talks have begun for the annual Father of the Year award given to the Father that has displayed the most shocking abuse of the title and duties inherent on bringing life into this word. The early front-runner: New York Knicks former head coach Isiah Thomas.

Per the Associated Press: "Authorities were called early Friday to Thomas' Westchester County home, where police said a 47-year-old man was taken to the hospital and treated for an overdose of sleeping pills.

"Several media outlets reported that police confirmed it was Thomas who went to the hospital. But reached on his cellphone Friday, the 47-year-old NBA great told the New York Post he had not been treated for a sleeping pill overdose, and that it was 17-year-old daughter Lauren who had a medical issue.

"It wasn't an overdose," he told the newspaper. "My daughter is very down right now. None of us are OK." Hall forcefully refuted Thomas' statement. "My cops...know the difference between a 47-year-old black male and a young black female," Hall said.

Thomas has a past history of other such inconsistencies and scape-goating. Along with this are the rumors that might as well be true due to Thomas being a total douche bag:

In December of 2003, while attending a Sunday church service, Thomas pretended to put a bill in the collection dish, instead taking out a $20 then pretended to scratch his chest as he dropped the bill back inside his coat pocket. When the man next to him gave him a “what the f*** look” Thomas whispered that it was for his wife’s Methadone prescription.

In April of 2004 Thomas was pulled over for going 85 in a 35 mph zone. Instead of admitting guilt, he stabbed his daughter in the shoulder and when the officer came to his window said that his daughter had been assaulted by a maniac. To his credit, this was not a lie.

In June 2004 Thomas blamed his dog Patches on not one but two farts that Thomas himself had let out, but refused to admit to.

In July of 2005 when having a conversation with a coworker Thomas was asked if he had seen the movie Gladiator. Instead of admitting that he hadn’t he said he had. The coworker caught him in the lie when Thomas said his favorite scene was when “Gladiator shot the bad guy,” Thomas blamed his wife’s constant (and nonexistent) epileptic seizures on his inability to follow the plot line.

In January of 2006 Thomas spilled hot coffee on his crotch, receiving sever burns to his genitals. When he tried to sue the coffee franchise the was shown the label on the lid warning that the coffee was hot. Thomas blamed the public school system on his lack of basic reading skills.

Thomas’ long history of placing blame on everyone from his own family to his employees and players is well documented, leaving just one question: Is anyone really surprised by what this douche bag does anymore?

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