Milwaukee Brewers: The 5 Most Important Series After the All-Star Break

Michael KimbleContributor IIIJune 24, 2011

Milwaukee Brewers: The 5 Most Important Series After the All-Star Break

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    The Milwaukee Brewers have certainly had an up and down season and are currently atop of the NL Central under the narrowest of margins.

    Although every series will prove to be important in some ways to the Brewers' playoff hopes, there are some series that will be critical for the Brewers to win if they have any hopes of winning the NL Central.

    This list explores 5 important series for the Milwaukee Brewers that will be played after the All-Star break.

July 14-17: Milwaukee Brewers at Colorado Rockies

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    The first series after the All-Star break could prove to be a pivotal one for the Brewers. On July 14, the Brewers will travel to Colorado to play a four-game series against the NL West foe.

    Although the Rockies are currently 37-37 and third in the NL West, they are still very much in the race for the playoffs, and since they are in the National League along with the Brewers, could prove to be a wild-card threat in the future.

    If the Brewers can travel to Colorado and win the series, it would be a big series win, especially for a team that frequently struggles on the road. In order to make the playoffs and win the NL Central, the Brewers need to win series like this one.

August 1-3: St. Louis Cardinals at Milwaukee Brewers

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    Any series against the Cardinals will be pivotal for the Brewers, and being a team that thrives playing at home, they especially need to win this series at Miller Park.

    The Cardinals are easily the Brewers' biggest threat to win the NL Central, so a win against the Cardinals in early August should help put some distance between the two teams.

September 5-7: Milwaukee Brewers at St. Louis Cardinals

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    Although the Brewers and Cardinals meet again several times in August, September is obviously when the game heats up, and it will be no different between these two teams, as it will be the final time they meet in the regular season.

    By September, the Brewers and Cardinals will both likely still be in contention for the playoffs and the NL Central, so this series could very well be crucial in deciding a division winner.

    Since the Brewers do sometimes have difficulties on the road, it won't be an easy win, but that's what makes this series so important to Milwaukee.

September 8-11: Philadelphia Phillies at Milwaukee Brewers

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    Immediately after traveling to St. Louis, the Brewers will play Philadelphia in a four-game series.

    Taking down Philadelphia, one of the top teams in the National League, could be huge this late in the season. Here, the Brewers have an advantage in playing at home.

    Obviously, the games from September 5-11 will be very important to the Brewers playoff hopes, so mark it on your calendars.

September 16-18: Milwaukee Brewers at Cincinnati Reds

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    If there's any other threat in the division to the Brewers besides the Cardinals, it would be the Reds.

    Currently standing at only two games behind both the Brewers and Cardinals, the Reds will likely be contenders until the end of the season, and since they won the division last year, the Reds should not be taken lightly.

    If the Brewers can win the late-season matchup against Cincinnati, they will stand a very good chance of making the playoffs and winning the NL Central.

    After this series hurdle, they still have divisional matchups against the Cubs and Pirates, which will be obviously be important to win, as well, especially since they will be at the end of a long season for the Milwaukee Brewers.