WWE WrestleMania: Arrowhead Stadium Deserves To Host a WrestleMania Event

Farzin VousoughianContributor IIIJune 24, 2011

Photo credit to Isaac Alongi.
Photo credit to Isaac Alongi.

World Wrestling Entertainment’s WrestleMania is the Super Bowl of wrestling. It is held once a year in late March or early April. Since 2007, the WWE has placed WrestleMania in a football stadium to attract more fans. The event has had at least 71,000 fans each of the last five years. The WWE likes to select big venues for its annual event.

Would Kansas City be an attractive place to host WrestleMania? Kansas City is located in the heart of America, and it has a football stadium, Arrowhead Stadium, that seats over 81,000 spectators. Arrowhead Stadium is recognized as one of the loudest stadiums in the National Football League today because of the passionate sports fans in the area.

I remember attending New Year’s Revolution in 2007 in Kansas City. Just about every fan in Kemper Arena was waiting patiently for Shawn Michaels and Triple H. It was Kansas City’s first time seeing the new D-Generation X since the two brought back the faction in 2006.

When the “Are You Ready?” lyrics of the theme began, the entire arena got loud. After buying the event on DVD and watching DX's entrance, I honestly consider it one of the biggest pops the two received since reuniting as a tag team.

While professional sports teams in Kansas City have struggled to find success, they keep a close connection with sports fans in the Kansas City area. The Kansas City Chiefs have specifically been noticed as a team that has some of the best fans in the NFL. Fans who attend football games at Arrowhead Stadium are referred to as the “12th man” in the stadium for their loud impact. The noise level and enthusiasm is carried on to other venues in the Kansas City area.

Since the Sprint Center was built in 2007, the arena is still searching to find an NBA and/or NHL team to play its home games in Kansas City. While NBA and NHL games are played in the Sprint Center once a year for an exhibition match, fans in Kansas City pack the house to see a preseason match. In 2010, Pollstar magazine recognized the Sprint Center as America’s second-busiest arena and the seventh-busiest arena in the world.

Arrowhead Stadium is the type of venue that WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon would want for WrestleMania. In 2007, Chiefs founder Lamar Hunt announced that the stadium would undergo renovations, which would cost $375 million. The state of the art stadium now features a Chiefs Hall of Fame and a tribute to Hunt, who passed away in 2007. The stadium's most recognized features are the two high-definition big screen TitanTrons and the new horizon level luxury seating.

Despite the new additions, 52 percent of the residents in Jackson County voted against a second bond issue to put a rolling roof over the stadium. Current franchise owner Clark Hunt, the son of Lamar Hunt, has stated before that the idea of adding a rolling roof over Arrowhead Stadium and its neighbor, Kauffman Stadium, home of the Kansas City Royals, is not out of the picture and can be reconsidered in the future.

The roof would help improve the fan experience if Arrowhead Stadium hosted WrestleMania. If voters were not opposed to adding a roof, Arrowhead Stadium was going to have the opportunity to host Super Bowl XLIX in 2015.

WrestleMania 1987 Pontiac Silverdome Capacity: 80,311 WM Capacity: 93,173
WrestleMania 1990 SkyDome/Rogers Centre Capacity: 54,000 WM Capacity: 67,678
WrestleMania 1992 Hoosier Dome/RCA Dome Capacity: 57,980 WM Capacity: 62,167
WrestleMania 2001 Reliant Astrodome Capacity: 62,439 WM Capacity: 67,925
WrestleMania 2002 SkyDome/Rogers Centre Capacity: 54,000 WM Capacity: 68,237
WrestleMania 2003 Safeco Field Capacity: 48,052 WM Capacity: 54,097
WrestleMania 2007 Ford Field Capacity: 65,000 WM Capacity: 80,103
WrestleMania 2008 Citrus Bowl Capacity: 70,000 WM Capacity: 74,635
WrestleMania 2009 Reliant Stadium Capacity: 71,500 WM Capacity: 72,744
WrestleMania 2010 University of Phoenix Stadium Capacity: 78,600 WM Capacity: 72,219
WrestleMania 2011 Georgia Dome Capacity: 71,228 WM Capacity: 71,617
WrestleMania 2012 Sun Life Stadium Capacity: 75,192 WM Capacity: N/A

Whether the stadium has a roof or not, it is a good place to have WrestleMania. After the possibility of eliminating some seats to build an entrance stage, along with the addition of floor seating throughout the football field, the stadium will have over 80,000 seats.

The atmosphere at Arrowhead Stadium is like no other stadium in the country. The three-level-seated stadium can hold many fans, and it makes for an easier destination to travel to for every state due to its geographical location.

Since 2007, WrestleMania has been hosted in a stadium where its capacity for football games is below 80,000. Arrowhead Stadium obviously exceeds that number, allowing the event to hold more fans and make more revenue.

The people of Kansas City would gladly welcome the idea of having a WrestleMania event at Arrowhead Stadium. The stadium alone has a lot to offer, and it will have a big and loud crowd to support the event.

Bring WrestleMania to Arrowhead Stadium!