Baylor: Good, Bad and Sleezy

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Baylor: Good, Bad and Sleezy
I am glad to see Missouri is back on the winning way. Nothing says 'winning streak' like trouncing a bunch of nancys. I would not want to be in the way of this pain train. They are pissed and are about to go Sherman on the rest of the Big 12. I haven't seen people that mad since Big Head's family was kicked out of the Golden Corral. Now we have the Baylor Bears in the way and now it is time for a Beary good; Good, Bad and Sleezy.

Good: Mizzou is on a war path. Baylor is just another team that Mizzou should roll over. Mizzou's offense will be too overBearing for the Baylor defence to contain. They are going to take control and ride this thing Bare back. Baylor is about as good as I am in bed after several drinks; sure all the parts are still there but I just cant get it together and fail to score. It is very emBearising.

Bad: Baylor is a team that has potential. Not so much this year; but next year may actually be able to beat a team with some talent. As of now, they are unBearable to watch. They do have one of the best freshmen in the country at QB in Robert Griffin. Beating Baylor won't do anything to our ranking unless some teams lose in front of us. Baylor's offense makes as much sense as Barenaked Ladies's song One Week. What the hell are they saying? The only thing scarier than a Baylor Bear with nothing to lose is a Bear holding a shark (give it a few seconds after the paper comes down).

Sleezy: Since Baylor is the largest Baptist university it is hard to find material on Baylor girls. They are not going to Bear it all for just anyone. Girls with morals??? It is actually a turn on and a challenge, so much so I can Bearly stand it...enjoy.

Ed Note- I thought about blowing my brains out after all the Bear jokes too, but those Baylor chicks are pretty hot. BH

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