Florida-Georgia: Gators Fighting for Respect and Solid Victory

Matt SheaCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

When you look at what took place on the first score of this heated rivalry last season, you may have thought to yourself, "Wow, these Dogs got swag." Yet I believe that the early wake-ups by the title-hungry Gators leave the Dogs with nothing left, as the defensive secondary for Florida is actually stepping up a bit.

Their secondary has been a bit shaky at times but is getting the job done in their past three victories since the embarrassing loss to a pretty decent Rebels team.

The Florida Gators are a lean, mean defense machine. Now that the secondary for the Gators is stepping up to the challenge, giving up only 127 yards and no TDs in a 63-5 blowout win over Kentucky, this makes me think that this will be a huge win for the Gators, who are on a hot streak on defense.

I mean, come on—they gave up 31 points to Ole Miss and since then only 33 total, with the only team that scored the most being LSU.

On top of the rivalry, the strong blood-hunger from the field storming that IS there will have these Gators ready to kill, and they will shut down Moreno worse than a computer. The passing game will be lowered for Georgia by a bit and will be regulated by good clock use lately by the Gators.

Might as well rename the kid—it's all you CAN do. After this game, you could call him Mr.KnowSHO!