Devon Alexander Will Not Look Great Against Lucas Matthysse Saturday Night

King JSenior Writer IJune 24, 2011

ST. LOUIS - JULY 8:  Trainer Kevin Cunningham (L) celebrates with Devon Alexander after Alexander defeated Tyler Ziolkowski by TKO in the first round on July 8, 2006 at the Savvis Center in St. Louis, Missouri.  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Elsa/Getty Images

Devon Alexander 21(13)-1 was the former WBC/IBF 140 lbs champion. Prior to his unification fight with WBO champion Timothy Bradley in January, many were hyping him to be the next big All-American super star in boxing.

HBO was even blatantly promoting Alexander in a much biased manner, making all of the pre-fight promos look as if Alexander were already set to be the next HBO poster boy and Bradley was just the name on his resume to finalize that process.

All of these indications told me that Alexander would defeat Bradley even if it was not the most legitimate decision, just as many saw his win over Kotelnik to be rather debatable as well.

I was so convinced that Alexander was going to win because of all the politics/business of the sport was telling us so, that I bet $1,500 on Alexander to defeat Bradley—$1,000 on a 3-to-1 bet for Alexander to defeat Bradley and another $500 that the fight will not go past the 1:30 of the 10th round at 5-to-1 odds.

So even though Alexander lost to Bradley, had it ended before 1:30 of the 10th round then I would have still won $2,500. This was not the result, for Alexander decided to put a very dramatic scene where he complained that it burned repeatedly with his eyes closed, thinking if he said "it burns" enough times and kept his eyes closed long enough then he would some how miraculously win the fight. Had Alexander quit sooner instead of crying for over a minute then I would have at least won $2,500.

Am I bitter against Alexander? Most definitely I am. I was fortunate enough to win back that money I lost and then some on Nonito Donaire when he crushed Fernando Montiel a month later.

But as I struggle to be objective on Alexander one thing I see is that mentally he is not strong especially now more than ever. He is still mentally shook from the loss against Bradley. Yes Bradley's use of his pound for pound forehead is definitely a debatable subject on it's own, but more than taking away Alexander's "0" that night it seemed Bradley took his heart as well.

Lucas Matthysse is a beast, just like his fellow countrymen from Argentina Marcos Maidana and the sexy beast Sergio Martinez. They all fight to hurt and destroy their opponents.

Lucas is an extremely powerful fighter with his near 90 percent KO rate with many of these knockouts coming within the first few rounds.

Many even felt Lucas won his close split-decision fight with veteran champion Zab Judah where he knocked down Judah hard in the 10th round.

The vibe is Alexander must prove that he still has it—the heart, the courage, the mind to be a force in the ring with the elites. Most fighters often comeback against a decent but limited safe opponent when returning off of a lose especially if it's their first career loss, but Matthysse is against a beast a dangerous beast that will knock your head off.

Even Matthysse's promoter Oscar De La Hoya has been saying on Twitter that he predicts a big KO win for him Saturday.

History has shown us that in the sport of boxing unless your last name is Ali or Robinson taking on a powerful knock out artist right after a devastating loss is a no no.

Lucas will probably punish Alexander so bad this time that he will not have to make up a last minute poor excuse to the referee about something burning for the referee will be clearly notified by the punishment administered by the Argentinian fighter to halt the fight.


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