Hamilton, Billups and Stuckey; The Bad Boys Are Back For Another Year.

Curtis SmithContributor IOctober 28, 2008

The Pistons are returning with familiar faces.  By not trading Chauncey Billups in the off-season, Detroit did one thing kept a player, an All-Star player on the team.  To groom Rodney Stuckey and letting him learn from two great guards.  By doing this it will solidify Stuckey to be one of the next up and coming point guards in the NBA.


Over the past five years it’s been Richard Hamilton and Chauncey Billups who have one of the most consistence duos in the league.  They may not score all the points in the world (averaging 35.9ppg together over the last five years) but they are more than just point scorers.  They are the leaders.   


The things that make them effective our Rip’s ability of running circles around everybody, and Billups constant pressure on opposing smaller guards takes a toll on them in late game situations.  Now bring in Aaron Afflalo which as it stands in the "The Lindsey Hunter Replacement Experiment" who can come off that bench and get that needed steal, or pressure to cause a bad pass.  All in all Afflalo can score too, defenses beware. 


The Pistons will be back in the mix this year as long as they keep the injury bug away from them.  Hamilton and Billups will have another season of around 18ppg, 3 rebounds, and around 5 assists apiece on average.  They will be complimented by Stuckey who should up every stat of his.  Look for Stuckey to go for 14 points a game, 4 rebounds and 5 assists as well.  Above all the Pistons will look for the same out of the starters and more out of the second year players. 


In the end the Dumars will watch his team win 50 plus games for another season, all while watching Stuckey becoming a game changer.  Mr. Big Shot will be sharing the spot light and getting more rest for a hopefully longer playoff run.  By not making a trade it didn’t mean the end of the Pistons winning ways.  It does mean if the ship starts to tilt watch for a trade to go down in the Motor City.