Miami's New "Be-Ginn-Ing"

Rob SteeleCorrespondent IOctober 28, 2008

We all still remember the boos in the 2007 NFL draft when Ted Ginn Jr. was selected No. 9 overall. A Dolphins team in dire need of a quarterback and a hero comes up far short with a sad excuse for a Devin Hester knock-off.

After Sunday's game, have we seen some sort of spark to potential talent? Will this be a weekly routine, or are we getting our hopes up?

Ginn was off to an impressive start, making a 46-yard, leaping catch on the first play of the game. He continued to capitalize on corner back Terrence McGee's sprained knee on his next catch for 17 yards.

However even after Sunday's win against the AFC East rival Buffalo Bills, Ginn still trails Greg Camarillo in receiving stats. He is also closely followed by both tight ends—David Martin and Anthony Fasano.

Ginn has yet to score a touchdown. I would like to see Ted Ginn score three touchdowns by the end of the year. It is a small goal, but if he can't meet that number we shouldn't be paying him the money he is getting; he also shouldn't take up space on the Dolphins' roster.

On the upside, Ginn is starting over the early-season acquisition and the very overrated Ernest Wilford.

The bottom line is, we are either seeing a start to an amazing player, or we are just seeing a quick reminder of what we should be seeing each week and are lacking.

Ted, please show us you were worth the first round pick.