The Top 5 Reasons Americans Don't Follow Cricket!

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The Top 5 Reasons Americans Don't Follow Cricket!

Millions of people around the world follow a sport that is basically played with a guy throwing a ball, another guy hitting the ball then running, and yet a third guy catching the ball.

As much as we would like to say that these people were baseball fans, they are actually following a sport that most Americans cannot readily identify with.

International fans are crazy about cricket, which is arguably the most popular sport in the world (compared with soccer.) With so many international fans, it's amazing to see how little attention cricket gets in the United States.

However, here are five reasons as to why Americans enjoy their baseball game and don't really care about cricket!


5) Cricket is too hard to understand for Americans

Even though cricket is just like any other sport, most Americans don't want to take the time to understand how to play cricket. They don't understand the concept that a "bowler" is the same as a pitcher or that a "wicket keeper" has the same basic function as a catcher. The idea of a 360 degree field is too foreign to Americans, as is the idea of two wickets on the "pitch" from which the batsmen just keep running back and forth.

How is it that someone can get up to six runs for hitting the ball over the boundary? What does it mean when the umpire does the "touchdown" sign with both of his hands in the air? These are just some of the many questions that Americans ask about cricket. It is just so much easier to stick to watching and participating in American sports such as baseball and football.


4) The United States doesn't have a major team

As Americans put a major emphasis on being the best athletes, cricket would just be another sport that the U.S. could not dominate on an international stage.

The United States has already been embarrassed in international basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey. Why would Americans jump follow another sport that will never be prominent in the U.S? There will never be a team to make it on the international stage, which immediately takes away a lot of the reason why to watch.

It's hard for Americans to get excited about a sport that they cannot watch on television. When they do watch it online or on satellite, they have to support teams from other parts of the world.

Americans watch the Olympics and other such athletic events because they want to see the United States prove to the international community that they have the best athletes. This cannot and will never be done in cricket, so Americans shy away from even following the sport in general.


3) Cricket is just not considered to be American

On the list of the top 1,000 things that people would consider to be "American," cricket would show up on the list somewhere around 2,000.

Cricket, similar to soccer, is seen as an international sport that Americans just don't have any interest in. Even though cricket is in the top two on the list of most popular sports in the world, Americans just don't really care that much.

Cricket is associated with England and other countries, none of which the United States really cares too much about what they are doing. Some of the international powerhouses in cricket include South Africa, Sri Lanka, Australia, and Pakistan.

Americans are never going to wake up at 3:00 a.m. on a Tuesday to watch a cricket match being played in Bombay between Pakistan and South Africa—it just isn't going to happen.


2) Americans already have baseball

The United States already has baseball as the "American past-time." As many people try to compare the two sports as being similar, there isn't room to build support for another sport that involves a bat, a ball, and running. Related to reason number three, baseball is one of the top five most American things and will never be overtaken by a sport like cricket.

It's hard enough for people to follow baseball, with all of the games that are played in a season and playoffs. With two leagues and 30 teams, baseball fanatics have a hard enough time trying to pay attention to their fantasy roster. They can't spend time following another sport that they find to be very similar to their own.

Americans already argue enough about the difference between football and futbol enough, without the sports being anywhere similar to each other.


1) Americans don't have the patience to follow cricket!

An international cricket match is played for 100 overs, with a lunch break in between.

This usually equates to about six or seven hours devoted to watching cricket. Each team gets 10 outs and usually scores between 300 and 400 runs in their turn at bat.

Americans, while they may find it fascinating, just don't have the attention span to watch a cricket match for six hours. They get frustrated enough after a three hour football or baseball game.

Cricket can be very excited with lbws, spectacular fielding, centuries hit, and run outs. However, it is hard to explain to someone that they may need to sit around for four hours before they see any of these exciting things happen on the field.

Any die-hard cricket fan will say that every ball is exciting, but that can be said about any fan of any sport. Americans just don't have the time or the patience to sit around and really enjoy cricket for what its worth.

Hard to imagine that the hegemony of the world, the United States, has no interest in the most popular international sport. Maybe they would care...if girls played cricket in their bikinis! 

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