2011 NBA Draft Results: 10 Predictions for Jimmer Fredette's Rookie Season

Jeff KneisSenior Analyst IIIJune 24, 2011

2011 NBA Draft Results: 10 Predictions for Jimmer Fredette's Rookie Season

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    Jimmer Fredette was the 10th-overall selection in the first round of the NBA Draft by the Milwaukee Bucks. He was then part of a three-way trade that sent him to the Sacramento Kings.

    Jimmer Fredette was the unquestioned star of the 2010-11 college basketball season. He led his BYU team deep into the tournament and provided many spectacular individual performances against top competition.

    Jimmer will have to adapt his game to the NBA, where he will face top athletes each night. While his scoring ability will translate to the NBA, he will have to work on his weaknesses to succeed in his rookie season.

    Here are a few bold predictions on how Jimmer will do in his rookie season in the NBA.

Jimmer Will Average over 12 Points Per Game

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    If Jimmer can score over 12 points per game, it puts him safely in the top-20 scorers for point guards in the NBA. While the number doesn't seem that high, that would be quite an accomplishment for a first-year player who is learning to be a true point guard.

    Using this year's statistics, he would be above Gilbert Arenas, Ty Lawson and George Hill on the scoring list. Pretty good players to beat out as a rookie. 

Jimmer Will Become a Starter by the Opening Game...

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    Jimmer Fredette will take over the starting point guard role by the first game of the 2011-12 season. Jimmer offers too much in the way of scoring and leadership for him not to be a starter for any team drafting in the lottery.

    While he will have his ups and downs, as all rookies do, he will learn valuable lessons in his first year.

    He will learn to adapt his game quickly to the NBA and should provide a scoring threat opposing teams will have to plan against.

...But Will Be Benched Part Way Through the Season

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    While Jimmer will be thrust into the lineup early, he will inevitably hit a major rookie slump. All rookies deal with the rigors of a long NBA season, and Jimmer will feel the effects leading into the NBA All-Star game.

    His shots will stop falling on a long road trip, or he will be trying too hard to make good passes to teammates. He will get frustrated, but his amazing work ethic will eventually pull him out of the slump and he should finish the season strong. 

He Will Be in the Top 10 for PGs in Three-Point Percentage

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    Three pointers are a staple in Jimmer Fredette's game. This one aspect should not change when he arrives in the NBA.

    Although the three-point line is moved back, Jimmer proved in college that he can make shots from almost anywhere on the court.

    He will make teams pay that try to double team the post. Jimmer will hover around a .400 shooting percentage for the season, but will ultimately fall short of that impressive number.

    Using this year's statistics, Jimmer would finish ahead of point guards such as Chris Paul, Steve Blake and Mike Conley. 

Jimmer Will Propose to His Girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott

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    At some point before the end of the season, Jimmer will propose to his girlfriend Whitney Wonnacott. She was a cheerleader at BYU and will be a big story once Jimmer gets to the NBA.

Jimmer Will Have a Highlight Reel Better Than in College

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    Jimmer will show flashes of brilliance in his rookie season in the NBA. I predict that he will have even more amazing shots, passes and dribbling skills to surpass the highlight plays he had in college.

    With better athletes to play with and against, Jimmer will have to make even tougher shots than he did at BYU. Expect some great finishes around the rim and shots from way behind the three-point line.

Jimmer Will Make Headlines off the Court

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    Jimmer Fredette will be a name also known off the court for his charity work and positive influence in the community. High character is what Jimmer is known for, and the Kings will be able to sleep easy at night, knowing he will be representing the team well.

Jimmer Fredette Will Be a Key Leader for the Kings

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    Only seen rarely, Jimmer will become an immediate leader for his team. He will prove his leadership through hard work and his play on the court. There are a good amount of young players already on the Kings; Jimmer's personality will win over the team from day one.

    His vocal leadership will come as the season progresses, but his scoring ability will provide an example for the Kings to grow on.

Jimmer's No. 32 Kings Jersey Will Be a Top 15 Seller

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    Jimmer's college popularity will lead to many fans purchasing his jersey on the Kings. He also has a huge Church Of Latter Day Saints following that will be looking to continue to support and follow his career.

    The better he does in his rookie year, the more people will buy his jersey. 

Fans Will Flood the Kings Phone Lines to Buy Season Tickets to Watch Jimmer

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    With Jimmer now on the Kings, the hype around the team will be much higher than recent seasons. The Kings will receive a flood of calls over the next few days with fans asking to purchase tickets to home games.

    Jimmer will provide another reason for fans to come out to the games and Jimmer will be a hot ticket for fans to watch in his rookie season. The Kings are building an exciting team to help keep the Kings in Sacramento.

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