2011 NBA Mock Draft: Full First Round Projections with Trades

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 23, 2011

2011 NBA Mock Draft: Full First Round Projections with Trades

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    The NBA Draft is upon us and a lot of the speculation is getting closer to coming to fruition. With trades swirling and prospects being dangled out there for picks, why not examine what the Draft will likely end up looking like.

    The draft will have a big impact on the directions most franchises will go.

    Here is a mock draft of the first round with speculative trades involved.

Draft Picks 25-30

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    Draft picks 25-30

    30. Chicago Bulls: Shelvin Mack

    29. San Antonio Spurs: Justin Harper

    28. Chicago Bulls: Jimmy Butler

    27. New Jersey Nets: Nikola Mirotic

    26. Dallas Mavericks: JaJuan Johnson

    25. Boston Celtics: Trey Thompkins

    These teams will purely be looking to fill their weaknesses. Nothing is going to be too drastic here except if Boston can land a veteran big man. In turn they would trade away the 25th pick.

Draft Picks 24-20

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    24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Kyle Singler

    23. Detroit Pistons: Chris Singleton

    22. Denver Nuggets: Josh Selby

    21. Orlando Magic: Tyler Honeycutt

    20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Marshon Brooks

    There are two trades in this set. The Pistons trade the 8th pick to Houston for the 14th and 23rd picks.

    The Orlando Magic also take the Portland Trailblazers' pick, and in exchange they get Jameer Nelson for Andre Miller.

Draft Picks 19-15

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    19. Charlotte: Reggie Jackson

    18. Washington Wizards: Markieff Morris

    17. New York: Kenneth Faried

    16. Philadelphia: Nikola Vucevic

    15. Indiana: Marcus Morris

    There is one thing that people will be surprised by here. The New York Knicks retain the 17th pick and do not trade up.

    The Knicks will not want to get rid of Landry Fields and in turn will not get Jimmer Fredette. Instead they go with Faried, the defensive presence, with the 17th pick.

Draft Picks 14-10

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    14. Detroit Pistons: Kemba Walker

    13. Phoenix Suns: Bismack Biyombo

    12. Utah Jazz: Jimmer Fredette

    11. Golden State Warriors: Klay Thompson

    10. Milwaukee Bucks: Alec Burks

    This series only has the switch from the Detroit and Houston trade. The Rockets acquire two players that are young and have energy on the defensive end, which was one of their weaknesses last season.

Draft Picks 9-6

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    9. Charlotte Bobcats: Donatas Motiejunas

    8. Orlando Magic: Brandon Knight

    7. Denver Nuggets: Tristan Thompson

    6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard

5. Toronto Raptors: Jan Vesely

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    Jan Vesely is an exciting prospect. He can shoot the ball and has power going to the rim.

    The most important thing Vesely adds to the Raptors is his ability to match up at many different positions. He also has many people realizing he cause offensive mismatches.

    If he can learn to have a post game he will be a solid all-around player for the Raptors.

4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jonas Valanciunas

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    Valanciunas is a young, talented big man who has a lot of room to grow and will be a productive part of the Cavaliers as they start to rebuild their franchise.

    If the Cavaliers pick him up they will have a strong big man who has good defensive and rebounding skills. His ability to get second-chance opportunities will be important to the Cavs.

3. Utah Jazz: Enes Kanter

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    The mystery man, Enes Kanter, will be taken by the Jazz as the third pick. Kanter does not have had many statistics for general managers and team front office officials to go by.

    His workouts for teams have sky-rocketed him up the draft boards and he will be taken as the third pick.

2. Minnesota: Derrick Williams

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    Derrick Williams has been ranked as the second-best player in this draft for a very long time. He will be taken in the position everyone thought.

    He is an explosive player that has the tools to be a star in this league. Whether he will or not will be seen in a few years.  He will be in a good place to do it in Minnesota.

    Kevin Love and Michael Beasley will help him get into a place for his growth to take off.

1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving

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    Kyrie Irving is a very talented point guard that will help the Cavaliers get back on track. The Cavaliers are going to rebuild after a very tough season.

    The draft is about fresh starts. It is for players making the next step in the career having to reinvent their games at the next level and franchises trying to go in and reinvent themselves.

    Kyrie Irving may not be what the Cavaliers were thinking they were going to follow up Lebron James’ “decision” with, but he is a quality player that can be a big star for them.