Rumors: Mets might trade for a closer!

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Rumors: Mets might trade for a closer!
There has been so many speculation on whether the Mets will sign Francisco Rodriquez or Brian Fuentes to fill the void left at closer. In Ken Davidoff's latest in Newsday  he says the Mets will try to land a closer via trade with prospects then signing a big fish.

According to Davidoff, the Mets will look into acquiring candidates  such as Seattle's J.J. Putz and Oakland's Huston Street, Baltimore's George Sherrill, Kansas City's Joakim Soria and Florida's Kevin Gregg.  The Marlins are looking to trade arbitration eligible players and the Mets have a history in the past like when they acquired Carlos Delgado and Paul LoDuca 3 years ago.

The Mets may use Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, Dan Murphy or Nick Evans to lore other teams to make a deal with them. The only thing is as I posted in the past, most of these players will have roles on the 2009 team except Nick Evans who may be attainable. The Mets also say they have some hidden gems in their system that might get the blood boiling of other GMs to make a deal.

No one knows if any of these closers will be available this winter, its pure speculation. Huston Street might be ready to move on from Oakland,  but many are weary of his health.  Of course if the Mets wanted Street they can use Aaron Heilman as bait because he has been a favorite of  Oakland GM  Billy Beane for awhile.. JJ Putz is another name that is interesting but know one knows  what direction the Mariners will take after their disaster last year. Plus the have a new GM that might try to win now, instead of rebuilding. George Sherill who was injured last year might be someone who the Orioles will shop, but again buyer beware. Then you have Joakim Soria who is young and has a great up side, but why would the Royals trade him?  Kevin Gregg lost his closer job to former Mets farmhand  and  flamethrower Matt Lindstrom. Gregg to me looks more of a setup guy than a closer.

The Mets know they have to get someone but out of these guys I'd only take Putz or Soria. They both have better upsides, but probably both will not be available!

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