NBA Draft 2011 Trade Rumors: Potential Options for Trades on Draft Night

Nate HammeContributor IJune 23, 2011

NBA Draft 2011 Trade Rumors: Potential Options for Trades on Draft Night

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    The thrill of the chase. The rush of making a great play at another team's expense. Getting the most out of your pieces. There's nothing like it.

    Of course, I'm talking about draft night trades, and this year's draft should be chock full of them, perhaps to a ridiculous extent.

    We've already seen teams shop basically every pick in the top 10, and we have an equal array of front offices trying to trade up, trade down or trade out of one of the most controversial drafts in decades.

    The CBA negotiations have drained the talent pool somewhat, but I believe there are steals to be had in the mid-first and early-second rounds. So whether your team has picks or not, you can hold out hope for a momentum-changing swap later tonight.

    Here are some of the more interesting rumors swirling around.

Houston Rockets' Trade-Lust Sequestered

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    Sometimes inaction is just as interesting as action itself. Though, I'm sure the Rockets don't feel this way.

    First it was the Pistons. Then it was the Bobcats. Then it was the Kings. Every pick in the bottom half of the top 10 appears to be available, and the Rockets were interested in buying.

    The word is they really wanted center Jonas Valanciunas, and they were willing to give up both of their first-round picks to get into the top 10. And when news broke that Valanciunas couldn't make it to the NBA until 2012, the Rockets appeared to have decent shot at making that happen.

    But apparently the Cavaliers are now set to take Valanciunas with their pick at No. 4, so all the Rockets planning looks to have been for naught.

Kings Trading Down in Three-Team Blockbuster

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    While nothing can be finalized until the actual draft, it is being reported that the Kings are trading out of the No. 7 spot in a three-team deal with big names involved.

    Kings get: No. 10 pick and John Salmons for No. 7 pick and Beno Udrih

    Bobcats get: No. 7 pick and Corey Maggette for No. 19 pick, Stephen Jackson and Shaun Livingston

    Bucks get: No. 19 pick, Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih and Shaun Livingston for No. 10 pick, John Salmons and Corey Maggette

    The Kings believe they can get their player of choice at pick No.10 and get Salmons for only $1.5 million in extra salary.

    The Bobcats get about $6 million off the books for dropping 12 picks.

    And the Bucks trade two SFs for one while getting relief from the long contracts of Maggette and Salmons, at the expense of nine draft spots.

Picks 2, 3 and 4 Being Shuffled?

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    There are rumors of a blockbuster deal between the Wolves, Jazz and Wizards. The Wolves would move back to the Wizards pick at No. 6, while the Jazz would slide up to No. 2 and the Wizards to No. 3.

    This trade would effectively "right" the player order. Most front offices had Irving, Williams and Kanter as the top three talents in this draft, in that order.

    But because Minnesota had a glut of small forwards and Utah had a bunch of front-line talent, there was an inordinate amount of posturing about who the teams were truly planning on taking.

    The names mentioned in this draft that make this deal worthwhile for the Wolves are Johnny Flynn, Devin Harris and perhaps even Paul Millsap. Flynn provides cap relief, as the disappointing top-five pick goes to a new team, and Devin Harris/Paul Millsap would stand as solid bench upgrades for the Wolves four-spot drop.

    Not clear what the Wizards would give up, if anything at all. The Wizards are unlikely to trade John Wall, Jordan Crawford or Trevor Booker, but Kevin Seraphin and Andray Blatche are two pieces that have been discussed in the offseason