Final Consensus 2011 NBA Mock Draft: How First Round Projects for Draft Night

Joseph Fafinski@Joseph FafinskiCorrespondent IJune 23, 2011

Final Consensus 2011 NBA Mock Draft: How First Round Projects for Draft Night

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    This is the day, NBA fans!

    All of us here at Bleacher Report are so excited that the day has finally come.

    The NBA Draft is one of the most exciting events and it is something we have all been looking forward to.

    Here's my final first-round mock. I hope you enjoy and good luck to all your teams.

    Go Wolves!


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    1. Cleveland Cavaliers: Kyrie Irving, PG, Duke

    Well, here's an opening no-brainer.

    Kyrie Irving is, hands down, the best player in the 2011 NBA Draft and he will be a great fit with the Gilberts in Cleveland.

    2. Minnesota Timberwolves: Derrick Williams, SF, Arizona

    Derrick Williams is the second-best prospect in this year's draft, and it doesn't matter if the 6'9" Williams is drafted by the T'Wolves, because he will undoubtedly be traded sometime within the next 24 hours.

    Some team is going to be lucky, and it right now it could be anyone.

    3. Utah Jazz: Brandon Knight, PG, Kentucky

    The Utah Jazz are going to have to make a big decision in the coming hours.

    Knight or Fredette?

    Over the past hours, we have learned of the Maloof's interest in the latter, so it would only be smart if the crew took Knight at three.

    After all, they don't need Kanter or Jonas in an already-crowded frontcourt.

    4. Cleveland Cavaliers: Jonas Valanciunas, C, Lithuania

    Reports have come out recently that Jonas V is the likely favorite at four for the Cavaliers, even over the highly-touted Enes Kanter.

    If he's there (and he should), they'll take him.

    5. Toronto Raptors: Enes Kanter, C, Turkey

    Here's the most interesting case.

    As of right now, the 19-year-old Enes Kanter could go anywhere from second to fifth.

Picks 6-10

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    6. Washington Wizards: Kawhi Leonard, SF, San Diego State

    At this point in time, Kawhi Leonard seems like the best fit for the Washington Wizards.

    He will join the Wiz, which have a plethora of young-and-able talent.

    I can see them contending for a playoff spot as soon as next season.

    7. Sacramento Kings: Kemba Walker, PG, UConn

    As previously mentioned, the Maloofs are looking for a point guard in this draft, and when Kemba Walker's talents are still available, there's no way they'll shoot him down.

    8. Detroit Pistons: Jan Vesely, PF, Czech Republic

    The Detroit Pistons will be shocked if Jan Vesely drops all the way to eighth, but if it happens, they're not going to turn him down.

    They need to start somewhere, and Vesely would immediately contend for playing time. 

    9. Charlotte Bobcats: Bismack Biyombo, C, Congo

    Recent reports have stated that the Bobcats would be delighted to take Bismack Biyombo at the ninth spot.

    The draft's biggest mystery, a Congo native, would be given extensive playing time from the moment he stepped on the Charlotte hardwood.

    10. Milwaukee Bucks: Klay Thompson, SG, Washington State

    It'll be up for debate at this point for who goes 10th and 11th between Klay Thompson and Colorado's Alec Burks, but I believe Thompson has too many positives to ignore.

Picks 11-15

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    11. Golden State Warriors: Alec Burks, SG, Colorado

    The latter half of the Klay Thompson/Alec Burks debate ends with the Warriors taking the more athletic, but less skilled, of the two.

    12. Utah Jazz: Chris Singleton, SF, Florida State

    At 12, I still think the Jazz will get a steal in Chris Singleton.

    The small forward is an absolute defensive demon, and he'll become something between the likes of Trevor Ariza and Ron Artest.

    Bold as it may be, he's got the potential.

    13. Phoenix Suns: Jordan Hamilton, SF, Texas

    This might be a reach, but absolutely no one would deny that the Phoenix Suns are in need of a young small forward.

    Jordan Hamilton fits the bill.

    14. Houston Rockets: Tristan Thompson, PF, Texas

    Tristan Thompson of Texas, the second Longhorn picked in a row, helps fill a void in the post for the Houston Rockets.

    15. Indiana Pacers: Jimmer Fredette, PG, BYU

    The draft's most scrutinized player, Jimmer Fredette, will find a fitting home in Indianapolis, where he would probably become the second point guard behind incumbent Darren Collison.

    Then the criticism would tone down.

Picks 16-20

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    16. Philadelphia 76ers: Nikola Vucevic, C, USC

    The Philadelphia 76ers are in search of a legitimate center in this league.

    Nikola Vucevic, a fairly unknown prospect, might be their man, because it certainly isn't Spencer Hawes.

    17. New York Knicks: Kenneth Faried, PF, Morehead State

    The one glaring weakness with the New York Knicks was their lack of solid defense.

    Kenneth Faried, a guy who specializes in both crashing the boards and locking down opposing players in the post, is a great fit.

    18. Washington Wizards: Marcus Morris, PF, Kansas

    In selecting Marcus Morris, the Kansas product and the better of the twins, the Washington Wizards will add to their already incredibly-high number of athletic ballers.

    19. Charlotte Bobcats: Markieff Morris, PF, Kansas

    Another pick, another Morris.

    He could contend with Tyrus Thomas for some key playing time.

    20. Minnesota Timberwolves: Marshon Brooks, SG, Providence

    Marshon Brooks of Providence is an absolute stud, and the T-Wolves will realize his full potential.

    The prolific scorer could soon join the likes of Kevin Love and Michael Beasley up in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Picks 21-25

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    21. Portland Trail Blazers: Charles Jenkins, SG, Hofstra

    Charles Jenkins is one of the more underrated players in all of the draft.

    One of three players to win the Haggerty Award thrice, Jenkins is set to be a good player in the NBA, and Portland might be a nice place to thrive.

    22. Denver Nuggets: Iman Shumpert, PG, Georgia Tech

    Iman Shumpert has proven himself as one of the better guards in the entire draft, and he'll be a good fit in Denver, where a backup will be needed.

    23. Houston Rockets: Tobias Harris, SF, Tennessee

    I know, I know. Another forward for the Houston Rockets.

    But hey, at least it's needed!

    24. Oklahoma City Thunder: Donatas Motiejunas, PF, Lithuania

    This is a case where you take the best player available.

    Donatas Motiejunas should've been taken earlier and the Thunder will pounce.

    25. Boston Celtics: Jimmy Butler, SF, Marquette

    The most underrated player in the draft is a solid all-around baller who can-and-will become a contributor to Doc Rivers' team.

Picks 26-30

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    26. Dallas Mavericks: Davis Bertans, SF, Latvia

    The defending champion Dallas Mavericks will be in need of another shooter beside Dirk, as everyone on the roster seems to be aging.

    Davis Bertans has been compared to Nowitzki, and it might be a nice starting point for him.

    27. New Jersey Nets: Justin Harper, PF, Richmond

    Ever since I began doing mock drafts for this year's class, I have listed Justin Harper of Richmond as one of the crew's biggest sleepers.

    When you play good defense, are a solid post player, and shoot 47 percent beyond the arc, how can you not be?

    28. Chicago Bulls: Tyler Honeycutt, SF, UCLA

    Tyler Honeycutt led the Pac-10 Conference in blocks per game.

    That's an incredible statistic when you realize he is an extremely versatile athlete.

    If he added some weight to his 6'8, 188-pound frame, he will undoubtedly contribute in the Association.

    29. San Antonio Spurs: Jeremy Tyler, C, Japan

    Although technically from America, Jeremy Tyler is most famous for skipping high school to play overseas for two seasons.

    The San Antonio Spurs will salivate if he is still available, as they need height for the future beyond the legendary Tim Duncan.

    30. Chicago Bulls: Reggie Jackson, PG, Boston College

    A former Boston College Eagle, Reggie Jackson will have a good chance to prove his worth if he plays in the Windy City with the Chicago Bulls.

    It's a true case of "he's still the best player available, and the Bulls will take note of his talents."


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