NBA Draft 2011: The Latest Buzz on All the Potential Picks

Kyle SkovCorrespondent IIJune 23, 2011

NBA Draft 2011: The Latest Buzz on All the Potential Picks

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    The NBA draft is upon us, and the most exciting part is the operations that take place behind closed doors, during the draft.

    Trade speculations and teams moving up to get players makes this night one of the most exciting sports night that is not an actual game.

    Lots of lottery teams are looking to rebuild and change the fates of their franchises, and it all starts tonight.

    Here is a list of nine speculative moves that have been recently reported about tonight's first round.

Cleveland Looking for 3rd Lottery Pick

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    The Cleveland Cavaliers are trying to rebuild after LeBron James' “decision” left them in the dust last season.

    The draft is the perfect way for them to get the pieces to maybe not be a contender just yet, but to become a team that can put up a fight and win more games than last season.

    They have the first and fourth picks overall and are looking for another lottery pick.

    Sacramento and Detroit are both possibilities at the seventh and eight spots in the first round.

    Will Detroit reopen talks with Cleveland? There is a chance on it, because they still want to unload Richard Hamilton and his salary cap-hurting contract.

    Just getting rid of Hamilton will not be enough though.

Sacramento Looking To Deal 7th Pick for Point Guard

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    The Sacramento Kings have the seventh lottery pick and are in need of a strong point guard. Instead of taking someone like Kemba Walker in the draft, they are thinking about acquiring a veteran player.

    Two names that have come up is Denver Nuggets' Ray Felton and San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker.

Timberwolves Want To Trade No. 2 Pick

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    The Timberwolves are still looking to deal their second pick and gain some pieces to put around Kevin Love.

    There is word that Cleveland will package their fourth pick to try to entice the Timberwolves to trade the second pick.

    Houston is proposing a trade with the Timberwolves also. Houston is trying to trade their 14th pick and have reportedly made 10 different types of offers to obtain the coveted No. 2 pick.

Blazers Trading No. 21 Pick to Orlando

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    The Blazers are looking to trade their 21st pick to the Orlando Magic.

    The possible trade offers the 21st pick and Andre Miller for Orlando's Jameer Nelson, according to Draft Express' Jonathan Givony.

    The contracts work as a straight trade so the deal makes sense.

Boston Shopping 25th Pick

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    Boston is looking to fill their need for a big man by trying to trade the 25th pick in the draft.

    The deal makes sense because of their needs, but there is the possibility of several big men being available at the 25th pick. The Celtics are a franchise that likes veterans instead of unproven talent, and this is why the deal could happen.

Knicks Not Willing To Part with Landry Fields

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    It has been reported frequently that the Knicks want Jimmer Fredette, and they are going to have to trade up for him. The Knicks' attempt to do this may take a hit, if they are not willing to trade their second-year guard Landry Fields.

    This is exactly what sources are saying. The Knicks will not trade Landry Fields, but every team has a price and if the offer is good enough, Fields will be traded.

Houston Trying To Trade Multiple Picks for 8th Pick

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    The Houston Rockets are reportedly trying to work with the Detroit Pistons to make a deal for the eight pick. The Rockets would have to give up their 14th and 23rd pick for this to happen.

    This seems like a good deal for both sides, because it would allow Houston to likely select one of the premier big men in the draft, and Detroit can get two players to fill the gaps in their roster.

Hawks Trading Picks for Andre Miller

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    The Atlanta Hawks are talking with the Blazers about acquiring Andre Miller.

    The Hawks are reportedly going to trade Josh Smith, other players and picks.

    This seems like the Trail Blazers are going to win big time here. They are only giving up a good, but not amazing, player in Andre Miller for picks and a package of multiple players that includes Josh Smith.

Kemba Walker Slipping Down the Draft

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    With the talks of Sacramento pursuing a veteran and all of the internationals being ranked higher than expected, Kemba Walker could be pushed down in the draft and become a steal for a team, later in the first round.

    This is something that just a week ago seemed ridiculous but now has a possibility of happening.