In answer to my own question…

The Brothers LynnCorrespondent IOctober 25, 2008

Yes, BYU losing last week was a good thing, and no, it is not a good thing.

First, the obvious reasons it was not a good thing. They took themselves out of the driver’s seat in terms of a conference championship, and all but eliminated any chance of a BCS berth. I would say totally eliminated, but there are still quite a few games left, and you never know what can happen. And finally, losing sucks, and no matter what you say, or how you slice it, I hate losing, and I hate it when my teams lose.

The good things that could come of this loss may be less obvious but possibly more important.

Now that they are no longer undefeated a lot of the pressure is off which could help them play more relaxed and execute better as long as they don’t get too relaxed and just throw away the rest of the season.

I would say the target is off their chest with everyone wanting to beat them even more than usual, but the reality is that many schools, both in and outside the conference, couldn’t care less what BYU’s record is, they want to beat them no matter what. Teams carry a certain amount of hatred for BYU due to their success in the past, and let’s not even talk about that heathen school to the North.

Bronco has a knack for finding what went wrong in losses as he looks back. They say hindsight is 20/20 but I think for Bronco it is more like 20/10 or better. I would never say he prefers to lose, but from a coaching standpoint, it sure gives you a much better idea of what didn’t work and how to prepare for the next game. Any BYU fan of recent years remembers how poorly the last two seasons started with early losses, but then corrections were made and they won out.

Perhaps the biggest positive from this loss was the wake up call that it provided. I for one believe that BYU is every bit as good as everyone thought they were, they just chose to forget it themselves last week. Perhaps this loss will help them to find their work ethic and their emotion. Any athlete can tell you that stringing together a couple of good plays just leads to more and more success. Whether that be runs, passes, or even defensive stops. Lets hope the loss jarred some emotion back into them.

I’m so glad this terribly long week is over and I can stop being so sad about the loss. I have all the faith in the world that they will turn it around this week and make everyone happy. So maybe in the grand scheme of things it actually was good for them to lose, as long as they win out.