The AP Logic

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The AP Logic
According to the AP Polls, if the season was over today and the #1 and #2 team advanced to the BCS Championship game it would be #1 Texas vs #2 Alabama. Penn St would get the shaft while an overrated Alabama team would get blasted by a dominate Texas team. Oklahoma St & Texas Tech would get less credit at 7-0 than a one loss Oklahoma, Florida and USC team. The Ohio St Buckeyes would get considered for a BCS bowl over LSU although OSU got embarrassed by USC on the road by 32 points while LSU also got embarrassed by Florida on the road by 30 points.

Can someone please explain why the AP’s top 10 is as followed?

1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Penn St
4. Oklahoma
5. Florida
6. USC
7. Oklahoma St
8. Texas Tech
9. Georgia
10. Ohio St.

NOTE: LSU is ranked 11th.

Why is Alabama ranked ahead of Penn St? Bama almost lost against Kentucky and Ole Miss while Penn St has won convincingly each week. Why is USC ranked ahead of two teams that are 7-0? After all, USC did get beat by Oregon St, which is worse than getting beat by Florida or Texas.

The fact that USC did beat Ohio St should be factored in, but do you honestly think Ohio St is better than LSU? A more accurate top 10 would be as followed:

1. Texas
2. Penn St
3. Alabama
4. Oklahoma St
5. Texas Tech
6. Florida
7. Oklahoma
8. USC
9. Georgia
10. LSU

Either way, the top 10 does not mean much at this point. Next weeks match ups will completely change the top 10.

Penn St vs. Ohio St
Texas vs Oklahoma St
LSU vs Georgia

If Penn St beat OSU, Texas beats Oklahoma St both teams will not be a factor, this also applies to the team who loses in Baton Rouge on Saturday Night.

So will the AP polls leave Alabama at #2 next week if Penn St beats Ohio St? If Oklahoma St beats Texas, will they be ranked #1? If LSU beats Georgia will they be ranked #4? The game that could be just as interest is the USC vs. Arizona match up. If 5-2 Arizona beats USC, they might have a shot to squeeze into the Rose Bowl.

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