15 Unintentionally Sexy Sports Moments

Timothy RappFeatured ColumnistJune 23, 2011

15 Unintentionally Sexy Sports Moments

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    Listen, sometimes sexy happens.

    I can attest to this—at the most seemingly innocuous times, I can cause a member of the fairer sex to succumb to a deep and debilitating swoon.

    What can I say? It's a gift.

    In sports, the surprise sexy moment can be a gift as well. Sometimes, something as simple as a wardrobe malfunction or spirited celebration can lead to an unexpectedly hot moment, even when you are least expecting it.

    On this slideshow, we honor those moments.

    To the slides!

15. Men Are from Mars, but Still Dig Venus

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    And I'm not totally sure where the person who made this video is from.

14. Christina Tsoukala

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    Either she has had her nipple censored with a white dot here, or she possesses a portal into the abyss on her chest.

    I'd say it's 50/50 odds either way.

13. Jenifer Benitez Says Hello

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    I've heard of trying to impress the judges, but this is ridiculous.

12. Franzi Van Almsick

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    Cheers to you, photographer.

11. Synchronized Something

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    So if "The Human Centipede" was spoofed and made into a pornographic movie starring synchronized swimmers, this would be the cover photo.

    What would you call that, "The Human Sextipede?"

    I'm sure there is a better name for it, but I'm not going to waste my time trying to come up with one.

10. Form Tackling Can Be Hot

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    I know, I know, how can something called Lingerie Football ever have an unintentionally sexy moment?

    But I think after this picture you can grasp the unplanned sexiness happening here.

9. Yelena Isinbayeva

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    So somebody out there is a really huge Isinbayeva fan.

    Hooray for somewhat sexy pole-vaulting things!

8. Ekaterina Rubleva

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    I'd suggest watching this for a rather epic uniform fail and attempted recovery.

7. Sandra Pires

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    I know, I know, how can beach volleyball ever have an unintentionally sexy moment?

    They are wearing totally hot uniforms, after all.

    And yet this embrace on Sandra Pires really notches up the hotness factor.

    I love teamwork.

6. Brandi Chastain

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    Simply one of the most famous celebrations ever.

5. The Nipple Seen 'Round the World

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    I'll bet you there is a salty international sports fan out there about to comment that this nipple wasn't seen around the world, since American football isn't as popular worldwide as soccer.

    Guess what, international sports fan—we don't care. We're not bothered if you don't think American football isn't a great sport because you don't watch it.

    Guess what—you probably don't eat cheesesteaks either, but that doesn't mean cheesesteaks aren't amazing.

    Yeah, good luck countering that argument, international sports fan.

4. Hooray for the World Cup

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    I'll bet a lot of men previously annoyed by the vuvuzelas at the World Cup changed their tune after this picture.

3. Marisa Miller Pantsed

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    That is Tom Arnold pulling down Marisa Miller's pants in this picture.

    Interestingly enough, when Tom Arnold plays flag football, it immediately becomes "flagged" football.

2. Ana Ivanovic

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    I love a woman with a good service game.

1. Christie Kerr

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    From a different angle, this trophy embrace seems totally harmless.

    But from this angle, it doesn't seem so harmless, does it?


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