NBA Trade Rumors: Do Any Minnesota Timberwolves Trade Rumors Make Sense?

Kevin LindseyAnalyst IJune 23, 2011

What is David Kahn thinking?
What is David Kahn thinking?Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

What Minnesota Timberwolves' President David Kahn will do with the number two overall pick tonight during the NBA draft has been the topic of much speculation.

The consensus among most draft experts is that the two best players in the draft are Duke guard Kyrie Irving and Arizona forward Derrick Williams.

The conventional wisdom is that the Wolves would be better off trading their pick.   The Wolves have young talent in Ricky Rubio, Michael Beasley and Kevin Love already on the roster and neither Irving nor Williams would get enough playing time to properly develop their game if drafted by the Wolves.

Over the past few weeks, several trade rumors have circulated concerning trades what the Timberwolves might do with the number two overall pick.

A couple of draft pundits suggested that the g should trade the pick for Phoenix guard Steve Nash or Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom.

Nash could come in and help smooth Rubio’s transition to the NBA whereas Odom could provide an athletic front line player to pair with Beasley and Love.

A trade for Nash or Odom makes no sense for the Wolves despite the immense talent of both players.

Nash is in the twilight of his hall of fame career, the Wolves should not expect Nash to play more than two years.

The Wolves would likely see as much benefit to Rubio’s development by letting him learn on the job under the tutelage of Nash.

Odom has more mileage in the tank than Nash but the knock on Lamar has been that he doesn’t always bring his lunch bucket to work every day despite having the Black Mamba encouraging him.

Lamar has not consistently shown that he can be a positive veteran influence warranting the Wolves trading their pick.

At the other end of the crafty veteran spectrum is the idea that the Wolves would trade the pick for a young center that could be part of their long term foundation. 

Yes, despite the professed love by David Kahn for Darko Milicic, Kahn is still trying to upgrade at the center position.

The Wolves have reportedly entertained conversations with the Indiana Pacers in which Minnesota would send their number two pick and the Pacers would send the 15th pick and Roy Hibbert to the Wolves.

Last season, Hibbert averaged 13 points, 8 rebounds, two assists and three blocked shots a game.

Minnesota has also inquired about obtaining the services of Milwaukee’s Andrew Bogut.  The proposed trade would have Bogut and the Bucks number 10 pick coming to the Wolves in exchange for the number two pick.

Bogut averaged 13 points, 11 rebounds, two assists and three blocked shots a game last season.

The final trade rumor being floated involved the current team of former Wolves Coach Flip Saunders.  The Washington Wizards would ship their number six pick and JaVale McGee to Minnesota in exchange for the Wolves number two pick.

McGee was not as productive as Hibbert or Bogut but he did manage to average 10 points, 8 rebounds, an assist and two blocked shots a game last season.

If the Wolves acquired Hibbert, Bogut or McGee, the Wolves would be a better team because they would have a more athletic center that was more of a scoring threat than Milicic.

However, the Wolves would also be a stronger team simply by keeping the pick and drafting Irving or Williams. 

Irving or Williams give the Timberwolves something they did not have last year, a legitimate scoring threat of the bench.

Further, the likelihood of Irving or Williams blossoming into a superstar talent in the NBA over the next three years is much better than the likelihood of Hibbert, Bogut of McGee emerging to the superstar level.

The potential upside of Irving and Williams undoubtedly has the Wolves asking for a lottery draft pick in addition to just the services of Hibbert, Bogut and McGee.

Bogut, despite his health problems, as a former All-Star, is the most developed player of the three potential centers among the Wolves possible trading partners. 

The addition of Bogut would likely make the Wolves a team that could fight for the last playoff spot in the Western Conference.

The reality of the situation is that the Wolves acquiring Bogut and Milwaukee’s first round pick in exchange for just the Wolves number two pick in the draft is likely a dream.

I expect the Wolves to keep their pick tonight and draft Williams after the Cavaliers select Irving.

The Wolves need to find a superstar talent if they are going to contend for an NBA title in the future and they will not find that level of talent by trading their draft pick.