NFL: Vincent Jackson and Trades That Would Benefit Both Teams

Cian Fahey@CianafFeatured Columnist IVOctober 19, 2016

NFL: Vincent Jackson and Trades That Would Benefit Both Teams

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    There were a few notable players left off of this list for various reasons:

    • Chad Ochocinco—I see him being released.
    • Carson Palmer—Mike Brown isn't going to trade him.
    • Donovan McNabb—I see him being released.
    • Shaun Hill—I don't see anyone giving up enough to pries him from the Lions.
    • Vince Young—I expect him to be released and he's too unpredictable to argue for.
    Here is a list of trades that make sense for both sides involved in each respective deal.

Reggie Bush to the Rams

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    The St. Louis Rams receive: Reggie Bush, 2012 fifth-round pick.

    The New Orleans Saints receive: 2012 third-round pick.

    The St. Louis Rams offense is in need of play makers but it's not necessarily at the wide receiver position. Should the team re-sign Mark Clayton to pair with Donnie Avery and both players return to full fitness, the team has a good group of receivers.

    Donnie Avery, Clayton and Danny Amendola—who is an outstanding slot receiver—give new Rams' offensive co ordinator Josh McDaniels a good group in the same style of the 2007 Patriots group he managed.

    The Rams do however need a third down receiver and complement to Stephen Jackson. Reggie Bush would be a perfect option for the team as he will fit the new offensive scheme also. Bush is a better option than Darren Sproles who has been talked about because they need someone to take more carries with the ball also.


    The Saints may keep Bush depending on the offer that they receive but I believe a third round pick would be enough to force their hand. Bush's contract being removed will also ease the team financially.

    The drafting of Mark Ingram as well as the re-signing of Pierre Thomas has made for a crowded backfield in New Orleans. With Ingram and Thomas running hard, the Saints will have no problem keeping up their offensive prowess despite his value to the team.


    Both sides would win in this trade because Reggie Bush is a luxury in New Orleans and the Rams need another offensive spark to aid Sam Bradford.

Nick Barnett to the Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals receive: Nick Barnett.

    The Green Bay Packers receive: 2012 fifth-round pick.

    Nick Barnett landed on IR last season and the emergence of AJ Hawk and Desmond Bishop as a pairing has made him expendable. Barnett's salary for the coming season and beyond will force the Packers to let him go.

    Barnett's trade value has been hurt by this salary also which is why the Packers will be delighted to recoup a fifth round selection for a player that they will otherwise release.


    The Arizona Cardinals are in need of help at middle linebacker. Barnett will be happy to land with another 3-4 team and will instantly become a starter.

    Paris Lenon is 33 years of age and on his way out. Barnett will replace him to form a partnership with youngster Daryl Washington. Washington started 11 games last season as a rookie and will benefit hugely from the addition of Barnett.

    The whole defense will benefit from Barnett's play and leadership. His salary of $5,500,000 for the coming season is fine for a starter of his caliber because the Cardinals do not have a better option.


    Both sides would win in this trade because Nick Barnett has no future in Green Bay and the Cardinals are in need of a veteran to mentor their young linebacker while also improving the play at the position.

Vincent Jackson to the Carolina Panthers

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    The Carolina Panthers receive: Vincent Jackson, 2012 third-round pick.

    The San Diego Chargers receive: Steve Smith, 2012 second-round pick.

    The Chargers appear reluctant to pay Jackson what he desires despite franchise tagging him. As such Jackson would be a viable option to be traded and there would be a big market for him. 

    The Carolina Panthers would be a top that list as they look to build an offense around Cam Newton. Newton has already campaigned for starter Steve Smith to return next season but that appears unlikely. Smith is also 32 years of age so probably won't be around when this team rebounds to respectability.

    Vincent Jackson is four years younger and in his prime which makes him a better fit for the Panthers. Jackson would give the Panthers a legitimate elite receiver to take the pressure off of their young quarterback.

    Right now Newton's best receiver—outside of Smith—is a tight end in the form of Jeremy Shockey. Should the team add Jackson he would have a go-to-guy as well as a reliable tight end and a strong running game. Vincent Jackson would ease a lot of the pressure on Newton.


    The Chargers may not be willing to give Vincent Jackson a long term deal but allowing him to leave in this situation would be ideal for them. Steve Smith is almost as good as Jackson and the likelihood is that they would be swapping a late third round choice for an early second round choice in next year's draft.

    Steve Smith would fit perfectly into the Chargers offense as Philip Rivers loves to throw the deep ball and Smith excels in that phase of the game. Smith's contract is for roughly $7,000,000 next year and the year after.

    He is a very affordable short term option who likely would cost less with more years because of his determination to win that elusive ring before retiring. Smith would welcome being a part of the Chargers team as they are set to contend over the next few years.

    Winning a ring is all that matters to Smith at this stage of his career, and it's all that ever matters to the Chargers franchise. This would be like a match made in football heaven.


    Both sides would win in this trade because the Panthers would be more inclined than the Chargers to give Jackson a long-term deal while Steve Smith allows the Chargers to continue to search for a Super Bowl over the next few years while also earning them a better draft choice.

Kyle Orton to the Redskins

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    The Washington Redskins receive: Kyle Orton.

    The Denver Broncos receive: Albert Haynesworth.

    John Fox loves pass rushers and they don't come much better at the defensive tackle position than Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth would be returning to a 4-3 defense—as so are the Broncos—which he prospered in in Tennessee.

    There may be question marks over his attitude but Fox is a veteran head coach who managed Steve Smith for years. Those question marks may disappear once he is out of Washington which could potentially return him to his pro bowl level of play.

    Haynesworth would make the Denver line a formidable unit as far as rushing the passer with the return of Elvis Dumervil and the drafting of Von Miller.


    The Redskins are obviously done with Donovan McNabb. The contract he signed last season was designed in such a way that he could be cut without costing the team too much this offseason.

    Kyle Orton would be a good fit for the Redskins as the team has been talking about starting John Beck. Orton doesn't have the greatest arm strength but he flourished in the Broncos system and could fair similarly in Washington.

    The Redskins have needs at the offensive skill positions also but if they can make some more additions, then the team would have a serviceable quarterback who is only 28 years of age. They'd also be removing a cancer from their locker room in the form of Haynesworth.


    Both sides would win in this trade because Haynesworth's trade value is not as high as his talent so the Redskins will be happy to get a good quarterback in Orton. Letting Orton leave will allow the team to bring Tim Tebow into a starting role as well as helping rebuild their defense.

Steve Slaton to the Steelers

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    The Pittsburgh Steelers receive: Steve Slaton.

    The Houston Texans receive: 2012 seventh-round pick.

    Steve Slaton is the odd man out in Houston with the return of Ben Tate from injury and the re-signing of Derrick Ward. Slaton likely won't have any chance at getting on the field for the Texans and would need to fight for his place on the Texans' roster.

    Slaton has only one season left on his contract and won't be re-signed unless the team has major problems at the position. The Texans would be happy to pick up an extra draft choice in next year's draft for this very reason.


    The Steelers will have a need for a third down back as Mewelde Moore looks set to test free agency. Moore has been an outstanding role player for the team but they are already preparing for his departure after picking up Baron Batch in the draft.

    Batch is a talented pass catching running back after playing at Texas Tech but he is by no means a proven commodity. Slaton would provide the team with another competitor to fill that role. The Steelers don't need a full time feature back as Rashard Mendenhall is entrenched in that position.

    They do however need another back to compete as Isaac Redman and Jonathan Dwyer are not suited to playing the third down back role. Slaton's contract is worth only $550,000 which makes him a low risk high reward potential addition.

    As a former starter, there is no doubting Slaton's talent. His fumbling issues lost him his starting place but a new team and new surroundings could give him a renewed belief and motivation that could make him a viable weapon once again.


    Both sides would win in this trade because the Texans have no use for Slaton while he would have a chance to earn a roster spot with the Steelers.

Aaron Ross to the Detroit Lions

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    The Detroit Lions receive: Aaron Ross

    The New York Giants receive: 2012 fourth-round pick, 2013 fifth-round pick.

    The Giants have a very deep secondary at both the safety and corner position after the drafting of Prince Amukamara. With Kenny Philips, Michael Johnson and Antrel Rolle at the safety position and the possibility of re-signing Deon Grant, that was always an area of strength. The drafting of Prince Amukamara makes the corner depth even greater than it already was.

    Amukamara will likely start from day one moving Terrell Thomas to the third choice. This in turn moves Aaron Ross to fourth choice. The team is heavily invested in Corey Webster who will be paid $8,000,000 next season and will need to fork out money for Amukamara.

    Thomas is a very cost effective corner to keep costing only $550,000. Then Ross, who would be fourth choice, would be costing twice as much as Thomas. This is certainly not a huge amount of money but the team has many players it needs to re-sign such as Ahmad Bradshaw, Steve Smith, Kevin Boss and Barry Cofield. Keeping Ross for $1,000,000 makes little sense because Kenny Philips can also play his role and Joe Burnett is a capable option also.


    The Lions would be attracted to Ross because he is a very talented former starter. At 28 years of age, he still has plenty left in the tank and would be an instant starter on the team. Ross could really flourish in Detroit taking advantage of what is expected to be a dominant defensive line.

    Ross would be an upgrade over the team's starters from last season, Alphonso Smith—10 starts—and Chris Houston—15 starts—while also making those players better by moving them down the depth chart.

    Smith showed some playmaking ability last year and the Lions would be smart to think that he could do even better matching up to team's second choice receivers. The Lions' secondary is frail to say the least at this point and it makes little sense for them to break the bank for Nnamdi Asomugha because they are not one player away from being a playoff team.

    The Lions would be making a value trade picking up Ross. It has been these kind of additions that has brought the team back to respectability since Martin Mayhew took over.


    Both sides would win in this trade because the Lions would be getting a quality player while the Giants pick up multiple picks and free up some cap space for the re-signing ventures that lie ahead.

Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals

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    The Arizona Cardinals receive: Kevin Kolb.

    The Philadelphia Eagles receive: 2012 first-round pick.

    The Cardinals may like their young quarterbacks but there have already been reports that Larry Fitzgerald wants the team to acquire Kolb. The Eagles have made it pretty clear that they will be moving Kolb after Michael Vick was franchise tagged.

    There will be a market for Kolb but I don't see there being many first round draft picks being offered up.


    The Cardinals can afford to give up a first round draft pick because if Kolb is as advertised then they should be picking later in the draft than most other teams searching for a quarterback. Kolb would give the team a quarterback with a strong enough arm to take advantage of the team's talented wide receivers.

    Steve Breaston and Larry Fitzgerald are a very talented pair of starters at the position while the team has made a lot of efforts to improve the running game. The trio of Ryan WIlliams, Chris Wells and Tim Hightower give the team three viable backs to use to take the pressure off of Kolb early in his career as a starter.

    In the NFC West, there is only one settled quarterback situation—The St. Louis Rams have Sam Bradford—bringing Kolb in would instantly make this team a more viable winner of the division than both the 49ers and Seahawks.


     Both sides would win in this trade because Kevin Kolb has the chance to be a starter in Arizona while the Philadelphia Eagles will be delighted to pick up a first round pick for their backup quarterback.

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