A New Manager for Manchester: Why Is Roy So Keane on United?

Andrew GowlandCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2008

It seems to me that Manchester United fans treat their team disproportionately as an international side, rather than as a club one. Why does the manager to follow Fergie have to be an ex-United player—one who played under Ferguson at that?

For Keane to take the job immediately after Ferguson would seem like a big mistake.  He won't have the experience of winning trophies or managing a top team with quality players who could buy the club with a weeks' wages.  

And Keane won't get that experience at Sunderland. He needs to travel around a bit before taking the reins of a championship-status side, gain experience in the transfer market, and learn how to get the most from the best players'.

He left United and then had various outbursts in the press blaming his colleagues for not having enough passion and drive for their club.  Why should we expect him to act any differently as a manger?

I can see Keane at Sunderland for a long time, molding them into a force to be reckoned with

The next choice for manager would apparently be Mark Hughes, who has absolutely no reason to leave Blackburn, at leas not for sometime.  He seems very much prepared for the future with Rovers making fantastic progress towards the top end of the table.

Then fans turn to Steve Bruce, but he doesn't quite possess the qualities needed, to say the least.

So heads must turn elsewhere.  In my opinion, this would be the most positive move for United and its glory-hunting fans.  Experience and well-honed management skills are essential for any title-winning side. And players who return to manage clubs at which they were successful often suffer too much expectation to help that team thrive.