NFL: Kevin Kolb to Seattle and 3 Trades That Need to Happen

Geoffrey MortonCorrespondent IIJune 23, 2011

NFL: Kevin Kolb to Seattle and 3 Trades That Need to Happen

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    While the NFL lockout still remains in effect, names such as Kevin Kolb, Plaxico Burress and Steve Smith are all over the place.

    All will probably be suiting up for different teams than they used to, but for now, we can just speculate.

    When the lockout ends, most of these stories will have predictable endings, such as Kevin Kolb to the Cardinals, but the three trades in this slideshow could really shake up the NFL.

Kyle Orton to the Arizona Cardinals

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    KEY PLAYERS: Kyle Orton, Darnell Dockett

    I believe in Tim Tebow.

    Although the Broncos may keep Orton around at least to help Tebow transition into the starting role, he showed much promise at the end of the last season, and he has a great receiving corps to make his job much easier.

    But enough about Tebow, this is about Orton.

    The Broncos also may opt to trade him, and a great fit for him would be Arizona. His main job would be to get the ball to Larry Fitzgerald, which shouldn't be a problem considering he has the best hands in the league.

    Orton has put up some pretty impressive stats as a starter, and he would give the Cardinals a sure starter and proven QB. Under his leadership, the Cards would almost certainly win at least 2-3 more games than last season when they finished a depressing 5-11.

    This trade would be important for both teams, as the Broncos would add a solid DT in Darnell Dockett to their lineup. Elvis Dumervil and Dockett would certainly be a frightening 1-2 punch if both of them can stay healthy, and a solid defense would help Tebow build confidence.

    And who knows, Orton could actually make the race for the NFC West title a little less tiresome.

Kevin Kolb to the Seattle Seahawks

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    KEY PLAYERS: Kevin Kolb

    It seems like the general consensus is Kevin Kolb will be suiting up for Arizona in September.

    However, Seattle would be a much better fit for the QB.

    Andy Reid claims that although Kolb has only started a handful of games, he is ready to win the big one. If Reid is not bluffing, then Seattle may be in the Super Bowl in a couple years with Kolb and some good drafting.

    Kolb would have a much better team surrounding him with the Seahawks than with the Cardinals, meaning he would have a better opportunity to work his way up to being an elite QB and would get some more experience at starter without having to carry his team.  

    If Kolb goes to the Hawks, they solve their QB issues and get a possible long-term starter and potential playoff-winning QB.

    If he goes to the Cards, he may find success there, but since he comes from a much better team in the Eagles and doesn't have much experience starting, he could just turn into a bust.

Donovan McNabb to the Minnesota Vikings

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    KEY PLAYERS: Donovan McNabb, Joe Webb

    The Redskins are a team stuck at the bottom of their division with a bunch of declining veteran QBs.

    The Vikings are a team stuck at the bottom of their division with a bunch of young, inexperienced QBs.

    I think it has been established that Christian Ponder will be the main man in Minnesota, but a vet like McNabb could really help him along his journey from college to the NFL. I don't think McNabb will be a legitimate starter anymore, but having the presence of a Pro Bowl vet who has played well in the NFL could really help Ponder his first year.

    When Favre was having a great year under center for the Vikings in 2009, they were knocking on the door of the Super Bowl with a lot of the same players who will be back in 2011. If Ponder can come through for the Vikings as a starter, they could see a return to the playoffs, possibly the Super Bowl.

    Joe Webb is also a key part of this deal.

    He completed 60 percent of his passes last year and rushed for two touchdowns, showing he has some potential in the NFL. Already he is shaping up to be a better starter than Rex Grossman or John Beck, both of whom are way past their prime. He would bring the Redskins a promising young QB and could benefit from some mentoring from the vets, but Webb could also step in and give them a decent starter.

    Webb could also benefit hugely from the Redskins grabbing Plaxico Burress to give him a sure-handed receiver alongside Santana Moss, but in any case Webb to the Skins gives them some hope for the future.

    The Vikings could stick with Ponder and Webb though, and the Skins could throw the season to draft Andrew Luck.