WWE: 8 Current Faces Who'd Be Much More Believable as Heels

RiZESenior Writer IJune 23, 2011

WWE: 8 Current Faces Who'd Be Much More Believable as Heels

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    Perhaps the most debated subjected in the IWC, the infamous who should be heel or who should be face is a question destined to meet numerous responses. Arguably a never ending debate, this particular subject has drawn numerous articles along with the rarity of challenging the mind of the readers.

    It’s no secret that the delicacy of a heel turn is somewhat of a commodity for the IWC.

    The IWC’s consistency of remaining loyal to their precious heels often draws a turn more attention than most would think.

    At the end of the day, good vs. evil is everything in the world of pro wrestling. 

    So when the time comes when a Superstar switches sides, the frequency of debates greatly rises in a short time.  At the same time, raising questions of how successful the turn will be? Will it add entertainment value to the Superstars character? Will he finally ascend to the top card?

    Needless to say, it raises the overall interest of the product once a Superstar turns heel.

    Because of this, I’ve decided to create a list of eight current Superstars who’d be a lot more believable if they turned heel.

Randy Orton

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    When Randy Orton turned face in early 2010, I was intrigued by the angle and followed it closely for weeks.

    As the weeks turned into months, I came to the realization that Orton was John Cena 2.0. The only difference was that Orton’s character had edge. Orton wasn’t as entertaining as he was as a heel and the attempt to pass Orton off as an Anti-Hero failed.

    When you turn a natural heel such as Orton face, the turn will eventually lose its allure while the subject would eventually become the thing it hated the most.

    The face antics of Randy Orton have become unbearable since his draft to SmackDown. As I watched Orton perform a split and smile to the crowd as if he were a cheerleader, I longed for the days when Orton was punting heads and handing out concussions.

    The WWE should turn Orton heel immediately.

    His gimmick doesn’t fit that of a face and Orton as an antagonist fits him.

Kofi Kingston

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    The Ghanaian Superstar has become one of the WWE’s most beloved mid carders. Kids everywhere love Kofi Kingston as his spontaneous personality and always smiling attitude personifies everything a kid loves about the WWE.

    This is why the WWE should turn Kofi Kingston heel.

    Kingston has been a face since his debut on ECW in 2007. After four years, Kofi’s face gimmick has gotten him nowhere except an interrupted push, mid card titles, and recycled feuds.

    At this point, Kingston’s character could definitely use a small amount of rejuvenation.

    His attacks on Dolph Ziggler last year possessed the qualities of a heel turn.

    Now if we can get a similar attack on a beloved face (Rey Mysterio), maybe Kingston could ascended to the top card.



John Morrison

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    The Shaman of Sexy is familiar to the dark side. John Morrison spent the first six years of his career as a heel. During his time with The Miz, most predicted Morrison would become a Megastar while The Miz fade into mid card obscurity.

    Observing the current status of both Superstars, our prediction has become a subject of vice versa.

    Perhaps the one reason Miz was pushed ahead of Morrison is his poor mic skills as a face. Morrison’s ppv spots have given him a small amount of notoriety among the WWE Universe. At the same time, they won’t secure JoMo a spot on the top card.

    The fact is, John Morrison’s mic skills as a heel are galaxies ahead of his mic skills as a face.

    Unless Morrison’s recent comedy classes improve his ability to talk as a face, the WWE should immediately turn him heel.

    John Morrison is a better Superstar as a heel.

Rey Mysterio

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    The Ultimate Underdog has been a face for the majority of his pro wrestling career. Excluding a small stint in WCW, Rey Mysterio has always portrayed a face gimmick. As of late, Mysterio’s gimmick has grown to a point where we can’t address him as the Ultimate Underdog.

    Before his first World Title win, Mysterio was the WWE’s “Biggest Little-Man”.

    Rey used to be a man who would make you want to see him; he used to be guy that always interested the "IWC," because unlike The Undertakers, Kurt Angles or Brock Lesnars, Rey Mysterio was never a "lock" to win a match.

    After years of this consistent booking, the WWE decided to have Rey miraculously defeat monsters like Kane, Umaga, and the Big Show.

    At Rey’s size, it would be foolish to book Mysterio like John Cena or Hulk Hogan.

    Unsurprisingly, the WWE didn’t consider this and now Mysterio is just John Cena with a mask.

    At this point, could it finally be time to unmask the luchadore? Personally don't see it coming, but again, it would be something that gets us back into Mysterio's character.

    And along with the unmasking, we could also get a "heel" Mysterio.

    I’d be interested. Would you?

John Cena

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    The one man in desperate need of a heel turn is the WWE Champion, John Cena.

    John Cena has portrayed a face gimmick since late 2003. Despite being a face, Cena retained multiple aspects of his heel rapper gimmick. Because of this, most fans never expected John Cena to become what he is today.

    Hulk Hogan 2.0

    The face of the WWE has become infamous for his ability to snatch victory out from the jaws of defeat.

    Cena’s matches have followed the same MO since 2007. The opponent would decimate Cena for fifteen minutes. Seconds away from victory, the opponent would make a mistake allowing Cena to battle back and win the match.

    This has lead to the IWC labeling him Super Cena.

    After almost five years of the recurring trend, if Cena were to turn heel, it would become the single biggest heel turn in WWE history.

    Just imagine if Cena were to come out on RAW Monday, trash the shirt and hat while resurrecting his infamous chain and rapper accent.


Triple H

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    Before you ask, yes Triple H is still a member of the RAW Roster. Therefore, he is eligible for this list.

    Let me be the first to say that Triple H is a great face. But when the Game is portraying a heel gimmick, he’s the only diamond in this business. The Game has spent the majority of his WWE Career as a heel and the idea of a heel turn this late in his career isn’t far-fetched.

    Despite his role in a number of backstage controversies, it would be foolish to say Triple H isn’t one of the best heels of all time. This is the same guy who destroyed his idol in Ric Flair. The Heel Triple H was the guy who defeated Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Chris Benoit, and Goldberg on numerous occasions.

    Simply put, Triple H was the guy fans loved to hate.

    If Triple H were to turn heel for his feud with Undertaker, it would add to the allure of the match. Now that Undertaker has defeated Triple H, it’s hard to consider Triple H is a serious threat to the Deadman.

    However, a heel Triple H wouldn’t show Undertaker remorse.

    A heel Triple H would do anything to permanently put Undertaker down.

    A heel Triple H wouldn’t have hesitated to decimate the Undertaker with a sledgehammer a WrestleMania 27.

    Think about it.

Daniel Bryan

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    Arguably the best wrestler in the world, Daniel Bryan’s time in the WWE can be expressed in three words.

    Injustice, triumph, and mediocrity

    Ever since Daniel Bryan successfully triumphed over The Miz in their 2010 feud, WWE Creative has given the American Dragon little direction. Despite having great matches with the likes of Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus, Bryan has yet to receive a feud worthy of attracting the attention of the WWE Universe.

    This could change with a heel turn for Bryan.

    Despite the popular belief, Daniel Bryan isn’t a bad talker.

    I won’t declare Bryan as one of the best but with a successfully executed heel turn, Bryan could improve tremendously on the stick. I can’t speak for most but when Bryan was heel during Nexus’ first attack, I was intrigued by his character and hoped to see more of it the next week.

    His release effectively ended that.

    If Bryan were to turn heel and physically decimate his opponents in the ring, the general interest in his character would rise.

    I wouldn’t find it far-fetched if Bryan were to viciously destroy each opponent every week.

    Would you?

Big Show

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    Since his face turn last year, The Big Show has received three World Championship matches. Despite being a favorite in each, Big Show ultimately failed to win the Championship. In the mean time, Big Show has feuded with CM Punk, Wade Barrett, and The Corre.

    The World’s Largest Athlete has effectively destroyed each opponent.

    His feud with CM Punk led the 2nd City Saint to becoming the biggest disappointment of 2010. On the other hand, Wade Barrett was the WWE’s brightest young star. His subsequent feud with Big Show and the formation of the Corre has delayed Barrett’s ascension to the top.

    Besides a Tag Team title reign, Big Show hasn’t benefited from these feuds.

    As I watched Big Show destroy Ricardo Rodriguez and Mark Henry last week, it seemed as if these actions fit the Big Show. Instead of promoting a unwatchable movie, Big Show should be knocking out Superstars… as a heel.

    A heel Big Show equals interesting feuds while a face Big Show guarantees the opposing star a sore jaw and a few months in the mid card.

    Big Show was born to be a heel.