WWE's Ultimate Warrior: The Top 10 Matches of His Career

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WWE's Ultimate Warrior: The Top 10 Matches of His Career
Enter the mind of the Warrior

Guess who's making headlines again.

Recently, we have been in caught in the middle of a war between Hulk Hogan and his '80s-'90s rival, The Ultimate Warrior.

The character's alter-ego Jim Hellwig, now legally known as Warrior, has been unleashing some pent up anger towards "The Hulkster" claiming that man is the ruin of all and deserves to pay the price for his alleged crimes.

True or not, Warrior has often been at the center of controversy and his often homophobic or racist remarks have made headlines on many occasions.

How the mighty have fallen. He is suffering from a slight case of "the madness of King George" I believe.

I find this very unfortunate because not only is this man deserving of a place in the WWE Hall of Fame for all his achievements, he also was my all-time favorite back in the day.

No one could really defeat him unless through plotting and treachery.

Often I have wondered what it would be like to see him on RAW one of these nights. It certainly would make the ratings go through the roof.

Like him or not, this man was an icon. His career may have been short but he accomplished so much in the span of only three to four years.

Many current superstars remember him and partly owe their career aspirations to the Ultimate Warrior.

I now take it upon myself to take a trip down memory lane and deliver to you my pick of his top 10 matches.

You'll follow me, won't you?

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